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A golden thread to remind us the sun




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Full Moon necklace



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Making a full moon necklace



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700 Full Moons Necklace

A golden thread to remind us the sun.














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The full moon was approaching my consciousness


When we finished our workshop on 16th March in Brazil, we celebrated Sunday full moon gathering our dolls in a circle.

When I arrived home I spent a long time looking at and photographing the moon.

The full moon was approaching my consciousness at this moment.

Its connection with the project would be revealed to me a month later, which is written down in the post below.

Yes, I am amazed!


Full moon March 2014 Brazil

( you can see post Bonecos Sonhos Coração on workshop page)

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700 Full Moons

I want to share something amazing I discovered around a month ago. You will read on this website that I ended up with the number 700 because I cut the zeros of 7 billion to make the task possible. What I discovered is that the morning I woke up with the project idea entirely in my head I had lived 700 full moons! Can you believe it?

On the workshop page you will see a post where I mention the full moon. When I posted it last March, it was a poetic fact. Now it seems to me that the full moon was slowly coming into play revealing its full poetic and magical world…

700 Full Moons… amazing!

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Full moon and the paintings inspired by the dolls

The moon was approaching me through my paintings as well, some of them it appears almost full, you can see them on the Paintings page.

I didn’t notice while I was painting them almost two years ago. You can see that when I cut the papers to make the full moons and place them over each other, they remind us my paintings inspired by the dolls.

It was all there. I can see now.



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