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2017 Cufos Community Centre, Muswell Hill, London UK

This year we continue to meet regularly at Cufos Community Centre in Muswell Hill. We changed the evening to the last Wednesday of the month instead of last Friday. Mary, Fiona, Olga, Nobby and Nicola came over, we made 38 dolls and we always meditated them at the end of the evening. There is another lovely band rehearsing next door so we still enjoy good music while working together on Wednesdays.

I love working at Cufos, a small cozy house beside Alipali. I admire so much the volunteers who work hard to make this little Community Centre alive, always trying to resolve lots of problems with plenty of good mood and patience.

Thank you so much everybody for another great year at Cufos.







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2016 Cufos Community Centre, Muswell Hill London, UK

Last year Vici, Naiara, Fiona and Nicola came to Cufos to make dolls. Nicola came to almost all the workshops, she is a loyal supporter of the project, thank you all! We made and meditated 42 dolls in total.

We met every last Friday of the month as we did in 2015. We had inspiring conversations sharing our feelings and stories. It is amazing how healing it is to be together.

The jazz band rehearsed every night in the room next door, like it always do.

I like going to Cufos, I like our routine, I am happy we are going to restart today.

See you there.







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2015 Cufos Community Centre, London UK

In 2015 we met regularly every last Friday of the month at Cufos Community Centre in Muswell Hill. I am very grateful to everyone who came over to put dreams and hearts into the dolls and I am glad that we finished 82! We had a lovely time together and I hope to see you all next year.

Thank you so much Tim, Cynthia, Caroline, Mari, Natasha, Jo, Tabada and a special thank you to Nicola who came every month, we missed her just in February.

Lots and lots of love.










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