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Donation of 12 pillows!

Wow!!! We received a donation of 12 pillows!!!

I washed all pillowcases, I can sew around 100 dolls with them, and I put the dreams to breath under the sun.

There are different kinds of dreams, some of them look like popcorn, they suddenly come up like an insight.

This lovely lady Angela is the generous soul who gave us these pillows and lovely Jessica put them away at Jacksons Lane.

We now have enough dreams for the next months, thank you!

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Soft Dreams

Jennifer gave me five pillows with loads of dreams. I put all the dreams in the sun and made 24 dolls with the pillow cases. I cut three pillow cases and two of them I’ll use as storage.

We are flying this Saturday to make dolls in Lisbon.

The dreams are very soft, a pleasure to work with, thank you very much Jen!

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Two kind of dreams

The long continuous stories and the small quick images that pop up apparently not related with each other, I love them both!


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The dreams wonder about the world

I opened each pillow Sia gave me and turned them inside out, took the core/centre/ deep dreams, put them in the sun for many hours and washed the pillow cases which will become the fabric I will sew some dolls. That’s what I always do.

The surface dreams- the first layer of the stuffing usually rough and stained- I keep them anyway, sometimes I use them when I run out of the other dreams.

They are in the window looking outside, they wonder about the world, they are ready to step out there.




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New dreams

I met Sia at the Lbtq D&D event last month. She promised me she would give me some pillows. We met yesterday evening and she gave me 6 pillows – hers, her sister’s, her best friend’s and her house mate’s- and 8 pillow cases.

She wrote:

‘Thank you for seeing beauty where other people see trash. Thank you for seeing potential where other people see nothing. Thank you for taking my hopes, nightmares, feverdreams, flights of imagination, naps and nights awake and giving them a new life, spinning our dreams into the kind of art that will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who comes into contact with it. And thank you most of all for letting me be included! It makes me so happy’.

She came all the way down to meet me in Euston, thank You Sia!



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Dreams are involuntary poetry

‘dreaming is involuntary poetry’ JR Richter the poet

‘dreams are my psychological digestive system’ Stravinsky the composer



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700 dolls – 7, just one step to infinite




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Sleep quality and the moon

The 700 dolls project is magically related with the full moon in terms of numbers as much as in terms of sleep dreams.

I am amazed that recently scientists have done experiments to find out the relationship between the full moon and our sleep quality. A July 2013 study carried out at the University of Basel in Switzerland presented evidence that a lunar rhythm can modulate our sleep structure. They say: ‘The lunar cycle seems to influence human sleep, even when one does not ‘see’ the moon and is not aware of the actual moon phase.’

The moon and the dreams and the tides and the water and the emotions… all connected!

Isn’t that great!

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Dreams are like gravity

We don’t need to remember our dreams, eventually it might be useful but it is not necessary. We will dream anyway. It is like the gravity, we do not struggle to be here, we just are. When we dream and we wake up we know where to go and how to feed ourselves at any level. We enjoy and our heart is happy. This is the moment to change what need to be changed, so let’s sleep.

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Each piece of stuffing represents a dream and each of them has a different shape as we have different dreams. Each doll is stuffed with many dreams.

The dreams we stuff the dolls with are the dreams we have when we sleep. We need to sleep and dream. A massive amount of people suffers from sleeping problems, maybe as many as 20% of the world population.

There was a moment when I ran out of pillows. A friend suggested that I cheat the project and buy a new pillow. At that moment, to convince myself that I was doing the right thing I told myself that the stuffing of the new pillow would represent future dreams. I liked the idea. However when I was choosing the pillow in the supermarket I felt it just wasn’t right. They were not ‘alive’ pillows yet. I gave up this idea and continue asking friends to give me their old pillows. The future dreams are in the old pillows, dreamt by all of us. I felt relieved that I didn’t cheat the project.

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