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Relaxing for GII

Dolls relaxing in decaf tea for GII that starts tomorrow.






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A child and an old woman

The gender thing for me personally, I am a woman, I always felt like a woman most of the time, it is simple.

What was not simple for me was to be an adult and identify myself as an adult. It never happened.

I spent the longest part of my life feeling weird. I found ways to survive during adulthood, I became a child therapist, I worked in the arts … it helped, but still weird.

I was happy as a child, a difficult childhood in some aspects, but I identified as a child, it was real and simple.

Now I am an old woman and I identify myself as an old woman, it became real and simple again.

I guess I am fortunate because I started and I will end my life feeling I am what I am meant to be – a child and an old woman, that’s all I am, it is simple and it is good.

That long middle part of my life…well, it has finished.

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Slowing down


A relaxing decaf tea bath… they love the new warm and cosy spa moment, they feel like being in their mum’s womb.



Slowing down… yes we need it.

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Lucid dreams – lucid reality

The dreams we have when we know that we are dreaming – they are called ‘lucid dreams’.

I wonder how cool would be if we realised that we are dreaming when we are awake? Would be called ‘lucid reality’?

Phelim has just told me that there is a book by Arnold Mindell called Dreaming While Awake techniques for 24-hour lucid dreaming. 

What he calls ‘lucid dreaming’ is what I am calling ‘lucid reality’, I guess.





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Pure science-art

Pure science-art

12weeks Scan_Li-E Chen

Li’s baby,

the precious picture of my exhibition


I am amazed, again.



‘I could connect to your dolls and feel really grateful to have my baby’s photo to be part of your exhibition. It is so wonderful. I feel your work bring people connecting to the universe much closer, like the moons’

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The dolls and astrology

I have been developing this Art Installation for over three years and around a year ago I realized that Pluto in Capricorn has been a friend, an ally on this project. The work has given me insights that I would like to share with you.

The installation is made up by many dolls queuing that remind us our spine. Capricorn ruled by Saturn is connected with our skeleton. The dolls being transformed into our spine is a metaphor of the radical transformation that is going on in our planet in terms of our old structures. The new structures that will be born will be the expression of something alive and profound that keeps all of us together, like our vertebrae, this solid but flexible structure that sustains our body. Pluto transformative power is cleaning the way for us to build up this structure that will express the reality of our times.

We know that our spine communicates all the informations from our brain to the entire body, physiologically speaking. In psychological terms our back carries the unconscious life which can be full of emotions from our past including our ancestry. Eastern traditions say that our spine is the energetic pathway which links the divine with the material world.

I feel that humankind is suffering of ‘terrible back pain’, what can be associated with an unconscious Saturn-shadow as we insist to live disconnected from each other, from our ancestors and from our spiritual nature. Our shadow is what we do not accept in ourselves leading to problems with others, our past and our spiritual life.

We can think that to love our enemies as Christians say means to love our shadow in terms of Jungian psychology. When we live in peace with our own shadow our enemies become friends. We are all linked together and we are the new alive structure that Pluto in Capricorn is helping us to have the courage to build. Every people, every nation in peace with a brand new Saturn, a brand new Reality. I hope to be still here in this planet to enjoy this reality, full of proper Time to live together.

The project invites people to participate in workshops which include to put hearts into the dolls. I have noticed that when people put hearts into their dolls and when they meditate connected with their own hearts, many of them remember their lost loved ones, so they do it in remembrance of their ancestry. Pluto is transforming our old-dead structures. However what is past but still alive will survive.

I guess that everything that still has love in it will remain among us to keep us warm and safe. This is what Pluto in Capricorn is doing, and I am happy to feel that somehow I am collaborating, even in a very tiny way, to this transformation through my art work.

These photos below are the ‘X-rays of our new spine’


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X-rays of vertebrae

IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4012

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I like the silence

I like when things are clear to my mind and real to my heart.

At this moment I don’t mind if we will find a new word or new world. 







I like the silence.


I didn’t do anything, 

I am just here.

The gravity did the job. 

I love landing, 

I am back to my heart,

I am back home.

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God Science Love Art ?

‘The alignment between the objective truth and the moral truth is itself a kind of unseen order at a very deep level’ Robert Wright said that in a course about Buddhism and Psychology. I love it!

I guess the unseen order he is talking about is Love.

‘The reality wins 100% of the times’ Phelim always say that and I love it too.

However what I love the most is to put both thoughts together and when I do it I realize that we suffer that much with reality because our moral truth is not aligned to the objective truth – we are still struggling to find out the alignment, the unseen order.

For me the unseen order is Love.

I just want to clarify to my astrologer friends that when I say love, this infinite creative love, I am not talking about Neptune. 

I am talking about something beyond, the unseen order that creates the incredible synchronicity between the heavens and earth that we can very well visualise and understand through our craft. 

The miracle that makes everything the way it is, the miracle of reality in all its levels. 

Some people call it God, some other people call it Science (and science is God for them).

I like to think that Love is the ultimate energy behind and beyond everything.

Probably we will find another word instead of Love to call the unseen order, the miracle, perhaps can we call it Art?

I like it!

Art = Is

Reality= Morality = What Is= Art 

I like it because this is my way to meet the unseen directly.

but still Art is a word that can be tricky.

God, Science, Love, Art … doesn’t say, doesn’t sing What It Is. They are words that can prevent people to take it seriously, people learn to be cinical about these words.

We need to find out a new word.

Shall we call the muses? Who knows the name, the new word, the bridge to the universe? 

Who will receive the new word and give it to all of us?

We are waiting it.

We are ready. 

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Our ancestry

In the last workshop someone, a wise one, said ‘we need to put the heart into the right place’. This is so inspiring!

I am thinking a lot about my Italian grandmother.

She was the person I loved the most in my childhood.

She was a seamstress and she sewed mainly wedding dresses.

I feel this project is deeply related with her.

She was a seamstress and this is the first time I am sewing in my life.

The courage I have now that makes me keep going, is it also coming from her love, from our moments of love in my childhood?

I am celebrating my ancestry through the dolls and every time I sew them I am celebrating the ancestry of all people.

I have noticed that when many people put hearts into their dolls and when they meditate connected with their own hearts they do it in remembrance of their ancestry.

We are all here together. Somehow somewhere there is love.

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