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Via Idea and CVA, Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, Setúbal, Portugal

Last Saturday we went to Vila Nogueira de Azeitão in Setubal, Portugal, to run workshops at Via Ideia art gallery and at the art association CVA. 

Raquel, Manuel, Patrícia, Miguel, Isabel e José Victor joined us to make dolls and meditate. We completed seven dolls, two I’ll finish myself, nine in total.

‘Eu tive um sonho de sair de mim, e voltar para alguem. O meu coração bateu, então senti o pulsar dos dois, do meu e do de alguem que pulsou em mim.’ ‘I had a dream to leave me, and go back to someone. My heart beat, then I felt the pulse of both, of mine and someone’s who pulsed in me.’

‘I was a bit skeptical about the workshop but when I met Regina I got it. I think what she does through this project is to capture the best in us and make time pass slower. I really enjoyed building my doll and I am pleased to know that this doll I made today will be part of an installation with so many other dolls that people like me helped to make. I am even happier to know that the dolls serve to a good cause. As I meditated my baby felt the energy kicking vigorously my belly. Thank you Regina! ‘

‘I really enjoyed making my doll, it’s a fun activity and we helped an exhibition to be assembled.’

‘It was a privilege to participate in this project. Life is made of dreams. Hopefully we will always dream together united by the same heart.’

‘I made a figure, in it I left part of me.’

One of them said that the minutes he spent making the doll was felt like an infinite space within himself, another person said that the number 21 is special for her and the workshop was on 21st July.

It was lovely to spend the day making dolls with such sensitive people who live in a calm traditional Portuguese village. The difference we feel is huge compared to big cities – there is space, there is time, people breath and love is in the air. 

Thank you so much Ana for the invitation, Raquel and Jose to receive us in their spaces, I really appreciated it,  thank you! 

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Ler Devagar LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal

Last Tuesday we went to Ler Devagar LX Factory in Lisbon. They always give me a big space where I can also show some slides and films about the project. 

Gabi, Miles, Ana, Alexia, Vaso, Luis and Miguel came to the workshop, we meditated and made seven dolls together. 

We were a physiotherapist, a philosopher, a gynecologist, a dance psychotherapist, a social worker, a craftsmen from Australia, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Brazil, all together sharing our unique experiences. All of them took selfies with their dolls as soon they finished them.

Some comments:

‘It was an amazing experience. I made something with my hands and I felt the heart of it, thank you!’  

‘It was such a pleasure to be part of this project. Amazing afternoon in Lisbon. I wish all the best for the future exhibitions.’ 

‘Una experiencia fantástica! Formar parte en un proyetco como este es algo único. He sentido cosas mientras colocaba el corazón en el muñeco i creo que no lo olvidaré nunca. Gracias por este momento inesperado.’ ‘Fantastic experience! Being part of a project like this is something unique. I have felt things while I put my heart into the doll I think I will never forget it. Thank you for this unexpected moment.’ 

‘Fue un momento precioso, caminando por Lisboa hasta coincidir en el camino de este hermoso projecto. Todos estamos conectados de alguma forma. Espero estos sueños ajuden a las personas que lo necesiten.’ ‘It was a precious moment, walking through Lisbon to coincide in the path of this beautiful project. We are all connected in some way. I hope these dreams will help people who need it.’

I love to run workshops at Ler Devagar LX Factory, the coolest bookshop in Lisbon. Thank you so much Alexandra, Pedro, Nuno and everybody who made a doll, we spent a lovely time together, thank you!

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Śāntih yoga, Lisbon, Portugal

The dolls are learning yoga postures in Lisbon!

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Śāntih, Lisbon, Portugal

Yesterday we went to Santih, a beautiful space in Lisbon. Sofia, who runs this therapeutic centre, decided to have Dreams and a Heart workshop after her yoga class and creatively link her class to the workshop. 

We worked always in pairs. Sofia wanted us to experience what happens when the dolls support each other when they are standing up. She did it suggesting many different postures in which the support of the other was essential to reach the posture. It was amazing to attend a great yoga class inspired by the project.

Sofia, Sandra, Maria João e Iuliia came to the workshop, we made and meditated five dolls together and for the first time ever the dolls learned some yoga postures!

Thank you so much for the group and specially Sofia for embrace the project and merge it so creatively into your class, it was brilliant. 


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Some meditation pics at Hitt Húsid

In the morning we all meditated together, in the afternoon we did individual meditations.


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Some more pics at Hitt Húsid, Reykjavík, Iceland

The lovely Hitt Húsid staff.

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Hitt Húsid, Reykjavík, Iceland

Hitt Húsid is a youth centre in Reykjavík where I had the privilege to run workshops last week.

We spent a morning with Valgeír, Ian, Harpa, Haraldur, Gunnar, Geir, Hjalti, Patrik, Inga, Anita, Nôi, Rosana, Audur, Tobba, Alexander, Atli and Una, a group that included disabled young people, we made 16 dolls, 4 of them I finished myself. We meditated all together at the end of the session.

I liked a lot to listen everybody speaking Icelandic while we made the dolls, the energy of this magical country is in each doll they made. We had fun talking about Reykjavík summer, father Christmas got confused and arrived beginning of July!

In the afternoon we made dolls with Hreidar, Eva, Svavar, Vigdís and Tómas, they are the staff, we completed 21 dolls in total at Hitt Húsid. We talked about lots of things including ways to bring the dolls again to Iceland. 

There were lots of Icelandic flags around because this was the first year Iceland got a place at the World Cup football games, such a small group of people compared to other countries, a big achievement they had lots of fun with.

Much gratitude to Gauti who brought me here and gave us this amazing opportunity, also to Thordis and Fridrik, Hreidar and Hitt Húsid, all of them opened their doors and hearts to receive us, and thank you mysterious Ísland to bring me back sensations of my childhood, it made me cry of happiness several times, bless you.  




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English National Opera, London, UK

Yesterday we went to the event ‘What are we doing to make the opera industry truly reflect the diversity of the country, on and off stage?’ at English National Opera studios in London.

I love D&D introduction, no matter I’ve heard it zillion times – the time/space matrix, all the principles, the law, the bumble bees and butterflies behaviour – also all the animals in our break out spaces, our big circle, I love it all!

I made 5 dolls inspired by the sound of everybody’s voices.

Thanks Phelim, Sarah, Ben, Anabel and everyone for another day we spent together surrounded by good conversations, thank you!

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Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK

We spent yesterday at the D&D event ‘What can role-play gaming and theatre learn from each other?’ at Shoreditch Town Hall in London.  

In the morning we played the Dungeon & Dragons game, it was my first time ever. I joined Chris table, he was the Dungeon Master, a kind of facilitator of the game. We played a couple of hours creating a story together. I could see all the scenes, actions and characters, Chris made us visualise perfectly well everything, he was a brilliant DM. 

My character was an Elf Wizard. She lives over 700 years, she can make people sleep, she meditate deeply and live in the world but not entirely part of it. Isn’t it an amazing coincidence with the dolls’ project?

In the afternoon we did the other D&D, the Open Space one, and I called my session :

‘Help me to put dreams and a heart into my dolls. I might be travelling around other sessions, you can help me anyway.’ 

I was amazed by the game and wanted to join all the conversations. I did one doll in each session I went. Justin helped me make one doll which he half filled with dreams, put a heart and meditated, I completed it at home. We made 5 dolls in total. 

We spent an amazing day together, such an adventure, some people like me had never played D&D before, we loved it. Thank you Chris and Chloe and all the others who shared their long experience with the game, hopefully I’ll see you soon and play it more. Thanks Justin for helping me making dolls and Alex and Ben for holding the space for us, thank you!  



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Royal Academy of (He)Arts, London, UK

I was amazed when I saw this huge doll’s heart floating in front of RA, it is our big heart, the heart of all of us together, incredible!  





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