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Meditation pics at Omnibus Theatre second week, London UK

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Omnibus Theatre, second week, London , UK

In our second week residency at Omnibus Theatre we made dolls in two different days. Huma, Gabi, Charlotte, Florence, Tabish, Catherine, Keith, Barbara, Dana, Enzo, Amelie, Ruth, Matt, Sarah, Soham and Bex came to make dolls at the exhibition, we made 18 dolls together. Some of the makers live locally and will come back to finish off their dolls. 

‘Inspired, inspiring, giving, generous, spiritual, community, aiding + sharing – we are all connected by one thread of humanity. Thank you Regina!’

‘Wonderful experience with warm and interesting women.’

‘Interesting and unique experience contributing to such a one of a kind project – glad to participate.’ 

‘I had fun sitting and talking with everyone – it’s not often I get the chance to create something like this.’

‘The time interrupted by the rhythm of my pulse that solely signifies life. I try to concentrate asking myself ‘where is my mind?’ 

‘A moment of quiet + stillness with the regularity of my pulse quickening and slowing in time with my breathing. The room around me continues in its own way, whist I sit, my heart steadily beating on.’ 

‘J’ai passé un trés bon moment avec Regina. Elle m’a fait découvrir son project et nous avons fait des poupées ensemble. Ses idées sont trés intéressantes et inspirantes, elles encouragent à la paix et à l’amour. C’était une trés belle après-midi passée en compagnie d’une trés belle persone! Bon courage pour la suite de tu projet Regi, je suis contente d’avoir cntribué à la création des cinq communautés. Thanks & take care.’ ‘I had a great time with Regina. She showed me her project and we made dolls together. Her ideas are very interesting and inspiring, they promote peace and love. It was a beautiful afternoon spent with a very nice person! Good luck for the future of your project,  Reggie, I am pleased to have contributed to the creation of the five communities.’

‘Cette après-midi était pour moi une grande découverte et veritable parcours initiatique. Le projet que Regina défend permet d’envisager en dépassement des clivages et de anxiété qui règnent dans notre société actuelle. Bien plus qu’un projet, Regina propose une vraie philosophie au travers des ses créations. En particulier, le moment de la méditation fut inattendu per moi – sceptique au départ, l’expérience m’a finalment convaincu et ému. Te le souhaite le meilleur dans la construction et aboutissement des cinq comminautés. Merci infiniment de nous avoir fait partager ce beau moment en ta compagnie.’ ‘This afternoon was for me a great discovery and a real initiatory route. The project Regina advocates allows us to look beyond the divisions and anxiety that prevail in our current  society. Much more than a project, Regina proposes a true philosophy through her creations. In particular, the moment of meditation was unexpected for me – skeptical at first, the experience finally both convinced me and moved me. I wish you the best in the construction and culmination of the five communities. Thank you very much for the opportunity you gave us to share this beautiful moment with you.’

On Saturday Omnibus Theatre celebrated five year birthday with many special activities. I particularly loved when Marie told us the history that goes back twelve years ago when they fought against destroying the building to build luxury flats, and of they won!!! The building which was a library was kept for the community and transformed in this beautiful theatre. It is incredible what we can achieve when we work together for the wellbeing of many others. Congratulations to Marie and everybody who made this dream come true.

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Meditation pics at Omnibus Theatre first week, London, UK

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Omnibus Theatre, first week, London, UK

Amazing to see the room full of people, the dolls were so so excited, they are having great fun with this incredible experience. 

Vicky, Jen, Caroline, Amelia, Emily, Esmonde, Raj, Gethin, Maryam, Sia, Thelma, Louise and Nelson, together we made 14 dolls.

One of the makers decided to have his doll he named Brian with him to watch the show. When he came back he played with Brian and put him to sleep.

‘Brian is having his dreams now.’ 

‘Dreams and a Heart – a therapeutically friendly + socially inclusive concept – great fun! Thank you Regina.’ 

‘Thank you for making this. I love the pictures that look like the spine.’

‘Such a beautiful and thoughtful project. It’s so important to take a moment each day and this allows you to do that. Thank you!’ 

‘How lovely to create something full of love with others around, chatting and laughing. Thank you Regina.’ 

‘One of the most magical experiences of my life. I feel blessed to connect to Regina and have the chance to work on manifesting my future partner. Much love and gratitude.’ 

‘Regina gave me a space to breathe today.’

We love so much to be at Omnibus, thank you everyone! 

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Omnibus Theatre 30th Oct, London, UK

Next day on Tuesday, I went through all the dolls to hold them safely together and fix small details to make them look beautiful. I worked 10 to 10pm.

I started to frame the pictures and hang them up on the wall underneath the dolls.

It was great to mount the exhibition at Omnibus sharing the room with people having meetings or working on their own, everybody really helpful and friendly.

We are very grateful to generous Marie who opened the space for us, she works non stop to make this building a lovely community space, she is amazing!

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Omnibus Theatre, London, UK

Last Monday I travelled for the first time with 700 excited dolls on the tube.

We were received at Omnibus Theatre by their lovely godmother Sarah.

Sarah had the genial idea to hang them up with brackets which have holes on them so we could pass the ribbons to hold them all up on the wall firm and safe. We worked 10 to 10pm, almost no break. 

Their weight created a beautiful regular movement on the lines, like waves, we didn’t expect it, so beautiful! 

We left a gap to add more dolls we’ll make together on the workshops during the exhibition.

I was last person to leave the building, went home and slept well even knowing they were so far in a public space, but I was there next day as soon as they opened the building, they also slept very well.

Thank you so much dearest godmother, we made it!

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The Arts Centre, Hounslow, London UK

Yesterday I went to another amazing D&D event, at this time at The Arts Centre in Hounslow London to work on ‘Theatre versus Poverty Porn – What can we do to make sure our work is helpful to those in crisis, and truthful without being exploitative?’ 

In my session we had lots of inspiring conversations, some of them about being able to recognise the humanity in every other human being. I was particularly inspired by this thought: 

‘The only thing that evil needs to triumph is for good people to do nothing.’ 

Quddous and Natasha joined the session the whole evening and Olivia, Tajbir and Sarah joined us later. We had lots of fun, lots of laugh and we made six dolls, one of them was named Mali. 

One of the makers experienced a coincidence that often happens when we make dolls – her doll has the same body conditions as she does.

‘Some things happened with the doll – on the side where it has a bad leg, is the side I have my actual bad leg, and the side where the hip ripped, is the side where I had a hip injury.’

‘My experience with making the doll. Well, what can I say. I cannot seem to put it into words. It’s more of a feeling, a feeling of openness. A feeling of coming together, not just with the people in here, but just people. It’s an odd feeling you are doing something so personal yet take on so much from the group.  Here’s one word for this experience. Grateful. I am grateful.’ 

‘My experience today has been very insightful. Creating dolls and stuffing them with dreams and a heart as well as sewing them up and meditating on them was a very personal experience. It was intimate and special. Simply sublime.’ 

‘An open space for any conversation to take place, interesting space, so simple yet so powerful.’

‘Creating a doll filled with love and dreams for the whole world. Dreams that hopefully aren’t as temporary as clouds. Loved this activity, thank you.’ 

At the closing circle one of the participants talked about the importance of meeting complete strangers and spend time together as a community to work on our difficulties. Yes!

Thanks Sarah for facilitate the event, she did a great introduction, it made everyone happy and ready to work, and thank you so much for everybody who joined us to make dolls.

I love D&D . 








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Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Yesterday nine amazing artists were gathered at Royal Academy of Arts at InPractice event to share their life experiences of mental and physical illnesses, including serious conditions. In this sad scenario some of them were absolutely hilarious when sharing their art work, we had lots of fun!! 

We made dolls with Suzanne, Charlie and Chantelle during the break and continue till the end of the event. Katie joined us at the end so we moved to another room where we finished the process. We left RA at 10pm when it closed. We made five dolls. 

One of the makers had an intense experience tonight.

‘I feel I should have been told what would happen to the doll I made before I made it.  When it was taken from me it was like I was being taken away from me. It did not feel good. Had I known it was to help others I would be mentally prepared + been able to pour different personal feelings into the dolls for others. It left me feeling anxious. Though the actual process is powerful and loving one.’ 

In these five years this was the first time this happened. It is a deep experience but usually people deal more easily with letting the doll go away. For now on I will make sure that people are aware that I’ll keep the dolls they are making. I promised her I would take great care of her doll and would give it back to her in the future if she still feels anxious. 

Another maker wrote this metaphor, it actually applies to me as well. 

‘I almost lost my heart in the dreams.’

Thank you so much Moly to organise this incredible event, it is an amazing opportunity to learn and be inspired by other artists. I love being at RA.


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RA, London, UK

Dreams and a Heart will be back at Royal Academy of Arts on Friday night for In Practice – one of our favourite places to hang out, listen, learn and meditate. It’s free, no booking required, and a really lovely evening – come along!


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Meditation pics at Fun Palace

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