Shakespeare’s Globe, London UK

We were at Shakespeare’s Globe last Friday to work on ‘Mothering and Making: What would support you to do both equally well?’

Mayou and I had a good conversation about our mothers and our daughters. She made one doll and started a second one. I fixed and finished one doll made another day by another maker. Some dolls have a sort of scar that happens when the fabric tears by accident and we fix it with some stitches. I feel it is like a reminder of our ‘imperfect’ humanity.

It was a brilliant D&D called by Matilda, director of Mothers Who Make. The project organises meetings all over the country for mothers who are artists to be encouraged to express their art. Thank you Matilda for opening the space for us.

Every time a mother is happy the world is saved.

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101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Newbury, UK

Last month 8th November we went to Newbury at 101 Outdoor Arts. The space is amazing, it’s huge! Also huge gorgeous animals around us, I loved them! 

The makers were Libby, Mel, Rose, Catherine, Katie, Ailin, Hannah, Lorna, Amy, Olivia, Simon and a couple of people I didn’t get the names. We made 14 dolls, some I’ll finish myself. 

Some makers took their dolls to other sessions, some finished them at the closing big circle and we meditated together after it. 

I forgot to ask most people to write their comments, here are few of them:   

‘Both therapeutic and relaxing with a beautiful concept at its heart.’ 

‘A beautiful exchange of words and thoughts. Thank you.’

‘Really lovely and touching, I felt very connected doing this in a group, provoking conversations you wouldn’t normally have.’ 

Thanks Nick, Sarah and Olivia for holding the space for us and thank you so much all the makers who joined us in this wonderful space.

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Cufos Community Centre 2018, London UK

This was our fourth year at Cufos.

Nicola, Fiona and Flavia came, we made 23 dolls together.

I cancelled some sessions because I was running workshops abroad in Iceland, Lisbon and Brazil and at the exhibition in London.

I also made dolls on my own a couple of sessions because nobody came, the band was playing next door, I didn’t feel lonely.

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Omnibus Theatre goodbye for now, London UK

Yesterday morning we disassembled the exhibition. Godmother Sarah – without her there would be no exhibition really – was there to help us, we are so so grateful, we love you godmother!

The dolls are now back to the suitcases, but our friend didn’t want to say good bye to them at all…

We lived a beautiful story – there was a gap to be filled in four weeks by the community. As soon as the gap was completed – the end of the story, black out. 

Usually an art work when completed is appreciated by the public for a certain period of time. 

It seems it was an art installation with a theatre/ performance soul, was it?

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Omnibus Theatre filling the gap

Already missing this…

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Omnibus Theatre last day, London UK

Last Saturday was the last day of the exhibition at Omnibus Theatre 



We completed the gap left four weeks ago, I added the last doll at 10pm!!!

We made 115 dolls together, in 16 workshops, an average of 7 dolls per day. 

1+1+5 =7

1+6 =7


We had no idea wether we would fill the gap or not. We could had filled the gap some days before or not fill it at all, but it took us the exact amount of days I was there running workshops, actually the exact amount of hours to complete the task, incredible! 

I felt more confident we could complete it last Thursday, two days before the end of the exhibition, we had more makers in the last week.

This exhibition was born at a D&D when Marie invited us to exhibit the dolls at Omnibus Theatre. Huge thanks for all the team for being so welcoming and a huge thanks for each one who made dolls and helped us to complete the display. 

The best month of my life in London.

We are ready for the next one!

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Meditation pics at Omnibus Theatre fourth week, London UK

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Omnibus Theatre fourth week, London UK

Last week makers were Andrew, Kristin, Carolina, Edie, Tom, L Ann, Nicola, Afsoneh, Sash, Steven, David, Georgia, Anne, Ali, Ivory, Johanna, Margarita, Malsara, Shalona, Sveta, David, Mari, Paul, Rosie, Edith, Shaun, June, Joe, Sarah, Vera, Ellan, Ali, Vici, Marianne, Mel, Glynis, Nelson, Debbie, Mietek and Edith.

We made 49 dolls in total.  

‘An unusual tactile experience in a lovely format.’

’Strange, unexpected, but welcome. A lovely concept.’

‘Calming, connecting and a lovely experience. Muito obrigada!’

‘A lot of fun meeting everyone. Had a blast!’

‘Inspiring evening.’

‘It was a wonderful addition to an already special evening, (having watched a very imaginative and powerful production) to be invited to take part in this fantastic, epic art event. I met some fascinating people and enjoyed channelling happiness and connection into my little doll. Memorable.’

‘What a wonderful way to trap some dreams and bind them up with a visible heart. My little dream- filled doll will stay with me for a long time, an incredible memory of an evening spent with strangers, magical and joyful. Happenstance led me here, happenstance led me away again. Dreams connect these two points.’

‘A calming communal experience.’

‘Very calming, thoughtful experience, deeply soulful.’

‘Thank you for the peaceful + reflective moment. Good luck with your project!’

‘Making the figure was very meditative and thinking about ‘her’ was strangely moving with her beating heart.’

‘Free therapy very needed and I’m grateful. Feeling calm and content. Thanks Regina, you’re cool.’

‘I feel I have created a living thing. What a strange feeling. It is just a stuffed doll after all.’

‘It was nice to make a human from dreams with a heart. It took time and now I don’t really want to leave him…’

‘Dreams are always within us in abundance, but only those necessary for our being are realised. Making Billy after watching a play was a wonderful way to reconcile the emotions and thoughts evoked throught theatre.’

‘A strangely soothing social ritual.’

‘I am very grateful of meeting you in the middle of my adventure in London and have the chance to participate in your project. This project make people meet each other and also give you the opportunity to create some lovely dolls. In the moment I am making my doll I forget  about everything else, I am in other peaceful place. Thanks Regina for helping us and give us the chance to enjoy this big project.’ 

‘Peaceful, collaborative, joyful, creative, happy. A sense of joy, a sense of peace.’

‘Real magic.’

‘A wonderful creative process, physically and spiritually. Many thanks. The journey is the destination! Much love.’

‘Profound, surprisingly moving and powerful. Regina’s calm and sincere energy made my participation valuable ad memorable. Regina’s mission to make one doll for ‘each one of us’ has inspired me to be more mindful of the inter-connectivity between all of ‘us’. Soothing. Relieving. Beautiful!’

‘Harmony with strangers.’

‘Peace, love and determination.’

‘Thankful for the hands-on loveliness, the beauty of chatting and connecting, and the joy of creating.’

‘It was a lovely time meeting Regina, making new friends and making the dolls. Such a nice, warm, welcoming atmosphere.’

‘Very rewarding and beautiful experience. Thoroughly enjoyable. A great masterpiece of Regina and the community. Wonderful idea.’

‘A God given experience. Inspiring, calming, interactive with amazing people. An unexpected wonderful interval of life.’

Thank you so much everyone! 

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Omnibus Theatre, London, UK


30 Oct – 24 Nov | Tue-Fri 5-10pm, Sat 2-10pm | Free

 Dreams and a Heart is Regina Mendes’ long-running participatory artwork for peace. Each doll is filled with dreams and given a heart, before the maker completes a short mediation with the dolls, guided by the artist.

Regina’s dream is to make one doll for every human on the planet. Like the hope for peace, this seemingly impossible task happens slowly, gently, one heart at a time. You are invited to join Regina and make your own dolls to add to the growing community

With over 1800 dolls made over the last 7 years, this exhibition is a celebration of the work completed so far; sharing the first 700 and working towards our 2100th doll.

Regina will be on hand to help you add your doll to the collection 5-10pm Tuesday to Friday and on Saturdays 2-10pm. You are welcome to view the exhibition any other time the Common Room is open. Doll-making is free and open to all.

Detailed workshop times and more information about the project available at and on Facebook, Instagram and twitter @dreamsandaheart

Omnibus Theatre
1 Clapham Common Northside
London SW4 0QW

Box Office
0207 498 4699

0207 622 4105


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Meditations pics at Omnibus Theatre third week, London UK


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