The Place, London UK

This week we had fantastic three days at Tête à Tête The Opera Festival at The Place in London. 

Eliana, Ethan, Riley, Courtney, Alexa, Denise, Tracy-Gein, Katarine, Sasha, Bill, Anna, David, Louise, Rebecca, Aron, Karen, Neyire, Matthew, Arthur, Jenny, Sarah, Sarah, Hannah and Jared were our makers. 

We made 25 dolls, five of them I finished at home. 

Bill meditated with his doll in two different evenings- a double meditation that has never happened before! He wondered if doing so he would give Gerald, his doll, super powers. Gerard was born with a swollen left leg at the bottom but after few hours it was totally fine. I am convinced that double meditation works, Gerald has already revealed he has a super power to heal quickly.

There were three different shows every evening and most makers wanted to watch all of them so they came back in between shows to keep working on their dolls. I hid makers’ names inside their dolls just to be sure whose they were. However it was very easy for them to identify their dolls despite they are all very similar. It always happens like this, makers always recognise them. 

A huge thank you for Bill, Anna and all team who took care of us, and for all makers, we were happy together during three days, it was wonderful, Thank You!

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The Place, TÀT, London UK

We are ready for @teteateteopera #TATFest19 @theplacelondon.

Take a time-out from the festival frenzy, and add your dreams to the growing community of 2000+ dolls.

While you are there you can also catch three different new opera shows every evening.

18:00-22:00 @ The Place. Dreams and a Heart is Regina Mendes’ long-running participatory artwork for peace. Each doll is filled with dreams and given a heart, before the maker completes a short mediation, guided by the artist.
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Shakespeare’s Globe, London UK

Thank you so much Angela for inviting Dreams and a Heart to run a session in June at TTD at Shakespeare’s Globe.

A big thank you to Sophie, Adae, Angela, Malin and Sarah for coming to our session. It was lovely to have Sophie’s daughter with us dreaming all the way long. Cassi, Deni, Kristin, Serin and Alex joined us just to chat and be together before TTD session. We also made dolls with Kristin and Jen in two different days.

We made 8 dolls in total, we opened our hearts, we shared our nightmares and our beautiful dreams.

Thank you so much everyone, I love you all.

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Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

We went to RA InPractice yesterday.

I love to arrive at RA and see our corner already set for doll making, a round circle of chairs waiting for us … love it!

The evening was shorter with only four artists presenting their works, usually there are eight of them. I quite liked it, it was nice to receive less amount of different information in the same evening.

The makers were Paula, Satoko and Elizabeth. We made four dolls. I sewed their legs and Elizabeth will finish hers next time.

Thank you so much Sarah for inviting us and being such a great host, thank you for makers and artists, it is always a privilege to be part of this inspiring event.

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100% cotton

Our brand new 100% cotton square business card!

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Some meditation pics at GII

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Middlesex University GII, London UK

Last week we spent four day at Middlesex University in London at the Global Improvisation Initiative symposium.

We were people from many different countries celebrating Improvisation and Awareness. 

I managed to make dolls with people four days non stop, first time ever!!! Only next day I realised how tired I was but really happy.

The makers were Shannon, Johan, Catharine, Susanna, Oliver, Joel, Chloe, Carla, Janet, Chris, Bronwen, Daniella, Kelly, Diana, Emma, Holly, Cath, Derek, Alison, Marcus, Gina, Stefano, Shannon, Shemekka and Nicola, 25 makers in total, we made 30 dolls together.

We were doing an awareness research for the symposium. We tried to observe our ‘attention’ and ‘awareness’ during the process of making dolls and meditation. We realised that the more we focus our attention in doing a specific thing the more aware we are of everything else within and around us.

Some of the makers wrote comments: 

‘When I sat down with Regina to make the doll I was so tired and was done with talking. To gently, slowly listen, touch, feel, make… to sit with others doing the same…and then to sit quietly with the doll meditating…beautiful, resting, soft, focused, moving. As I was in the middle of making I was feeling it would be hard to pass it back to Regina… but strangely, or not, after meditating, it was right the time to let it go. Beautiful and necessary contrast for me among all the talk and action of the previous two days. Thank you!’

‘Luscious! Great way to relax and take your mind to a peaceful place. Regina is fabulous and really helps to relax you whist making dolls.’

‘It helped me to check- in with myself and ask if I was ok again.’

‘I had heard how peaceful and refreshing the process was with Regina before I began. It lived up to my expectation and was a soothing experience throughout the whole time. I enjoyed the concept of dreams being filled into our personal dolls. Dreams of the past, present and future that came from strangers but feeling like our own. Adding the heart and giving it my heartbeat was an unifying ritual and I was sad to let him go but am happy he has joined the other ‘Dreamers’. Thank you for this!’

‘Calm, caring and careful accumulation of form filled with dreams and a beating heart – and then I felt that it was my heart beating…’

‘I felt very relaxed. It was a wonderful experience. I have a fascination with dreams. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.’

‘O encontro do passado e do presente. Fui capaz de colocar aqui todos os meus e os sonhos de outro alguem dentro de um lindo ser. Lembrando que todos somos diferentes e que isso é a beleza do universo. Lembrando que juntos somos mais fortes. Obrigada Regina, de coração, por esse momento delicioso de cura e partilha.’ ‘The meeting of the past and the present. I was able to put all my own and the dreams of someone else inside a beautiful being. Remembering that we are all different and that this is the beauty of the universe. Remembering that together we are stronger. Heartily thank you Regina for this delicious moment of healing and sharing.’

‘Filling my doll with dreams and a heart was a lovely moment to pause and actively engage in a creative act. I am grateful to have had this opportunity.’

‘I felt I was giving a body to my dreams and that I found the pulse that animates my dreams. I loved the calmness of making the doll.’

‘The experience was incredibly relaxing and stress releasing. I found the process very moving. I found myself shaping and creating this doll made of dreams which made me feel in balance with myself and with the people around me. It was a great experience to converse and be in company with other human beings while creating small human shapes.  The final meditation is a great opportunity to connect personally with the doll and give it a unique identity and blood flow. I learned to craft dolls and sew it, while chatting about the most random topics with people from different cultural backgrounds. This experience made me think, love and smile. Grazie.’

‘This project is the representation of love and we shared hearts and dreams together. It was a truly lovely experience. Thank you.’

‘I loved to make the doll of dreams. Sitting quietly, talking, and listening to very lovely souls, enjoying being together in this magical process. The dolls will bring love and spread love wherever they go. And my doll will be with them all. A community of dolls full of love and dreams. A very beautiful creation and experience. The meditation at the end was so peaceful. Holding the doll, aware of the voices around the room, being in the still centre. Thank you Regina, and the dolls and the dreams.’

‘Thank you for the wonderful experience. You are magic.’

‘Thanks Regina for putting me back in touch with myself. It’s great work you’re doing.’  

‘The experience of making the doll for Regina’s project felt comforting, life affirming and heart warming. A space to forget problems and focus on the dreams you are pouring into the tiny body. I felt very connected to my doll, I will miss her when I give her back but I am glad to see her be part of the project. Thank you so much.’

‘Regina’s warm and curious and calm and grounded and absolutely lovely to be with.’ 

‘The tears came, slowly at first… this doll, all the dolls, all the people who have helped to make them, all the people who are suffering in the world, and me, and my grief, the grief, these are the tears of the whole fucking world. The doll had given me the opportunity to slow down and simply notice what’s alive inside.’ 

‘This might have been my favourite part of the conference.’

‘It was therapeutic, the comfortability comes from the way Regina supported and advised me whist making the doll. My favourite part was when we put the heart in, Regina said  ‘you need a good bed of dreams for your heart’, it was instructive and meaningful for me. I needed this workshop.’

Thank you so much for all the makers – we talked, stayed in silence, meditated, laughed, cried… we shared special moments, we felt good together.

In the last big circle Phelim gave the dolls the chance to speak their silence, it was beautiful! 

Most of us didn’t want it to end despite being tired after four long days taking part in loads of activities, sometimes until 10pm. This is love. You amazing people!!! I feel happy, privileged and blessed to have met you all, Thank You!  


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Relaxing for GII

Dolls relaxing in decaf tea for GII that starts tomorrow.






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GII Middlesex University, London UK

We are thrilled to be at GII Global Improvisation Initiative next week!

Dreams and a Heart will develop an awareness research during the two first days of the event alongside loads of other amazing activities.

Come and join us in this fantastic unique event.

avatar for Regina Mendes

Regina Mendes
Dreams and a Heart

Regina Mendes (UK) ‘I am a body filled with dreams and a heart just like all of us. I am also a mother and an artist. I close my eyes, sleep and dream. I see the world.’ Regina Mendes created the community art work for peace Dreams and a Heart and have been running it since 2011. She is a theatre-dance deviser, performer and director, a visual artist including photography and painting and a psychologist specialised in play therapy. Some of her shows travelled abroad and received some prizes. She had worked with children for over ten years and for the last thirty years she has been working as a psychological astrologer. In her experience all these areas, theatre, dance, visual and healing arts, complement each other.
My sessions 
‘Dreams and a Heart’ awareness research will investigate the impact of making dolls and meditation on our natural abilities of ‘attention’ and ‘awareness’. We will observe the coexistence of these two kinds of consciousness and we will focus on experiencing both of them simultaneously in an optimal way.
Drop in sessions.
Wednesday, May 15
Thursday, May 16
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Middlesex University, London UK

Regina will be taking Dreams and a Heart to Middlesex University’s Hendon Campus in London, UK, to develop an awareness research at the Global Improvisation Initiative.

Dreams and a Heart will investigate the impact of making dolls and meditation on our natural abilities of ‘attention’ and ‘awareness’.

Launched in 2016, the Global Improvisation Initiative (GII) is a global gathering of improvisers, artists, educators, scholars and activists promoting the evolution and advancement of improvisation.

Two days of workshops, performances, presentations, and round-tables on improvisation around the theme of awareness will be followed by two days of Open Space with Improbable’s Devoted and Disgruntled (D&D).

Alongside Dreams and a Heart, it features contributions from field leaders in improvisation including Improbable, Patti Stiles and Theresa Robbins Dudeck; sessions on improvisation in disaster relief settings and for communication in healthcare; and performances including Keith Johnstone’s Maestro. The full programme is available at…/global-improvisation-initia…/

GII 2019 runs from 15 – 18 May at Middlesex University, The Burroughs, London NW4 4BT

A global gathering of improvisers, artists, educators, scholars and activists promoting the evolution and advancement of improvisation. Co-hosted by the iii! and Middlesex University.
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