Regents Place, London UK

Last Thursday we met at Regents Place at the D&D event ‘Let’s Find Ways To Elevate Lbtq+ Voices, So They Carry The Same Weight In Theatre As The Gay Cis-Male Voice’. It was an invitation from Amie Taylor, Editor-in-Chief at The LGBTQ Arts Review.

I called my session, Cesia, Grace, Sarah, Marie, Anabel and Ellie came to make a doll, we made 6 in total. It is incredible how much I love to run these workshops, seriously, I feel can do it forever.

Amongst our conversation we shared a delicate moment talking about family members that we love so much, how difficult it is to step back and let them go away, how much we miss them and the moments we shared in the past and how much we hope they will come back one day. It was wonderful to open up our hearts and share how painful this process can be no matter how much we understand about it. We also shared feeling male and female at the same time, how much it gives the person a special broader understanding about gender but how much the person still feels ashamed about it.

Some comments:

Everyone’s heart is different.

I’ve taken a soul and filled it with dreams on a lovely evening with very wise and astute company. 

I feel like I’m part of something very beautiful, rare and very human, and I am honoured. 

Thank you for seeing beauty where other people see trash. Thank you for seeing potential where other people see nothing. Thank you for taking my hopes, nightmares, feverdreams, flights of imagination, naps and nights awake and giving them a new life, spinning our dreams into the kind of art that will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who comes into contact with it. And thank you most of all for letting me be included! It makes me so happy.

I feel peaceful – thank you for this evening.

Lovely meeting you Regina. Occasionally you meet someone who gives you the opportunity to look at life in a different way. Those moments are very rare, but this moment for me was one of them.

Thank you so much Sarah and Anabel for holding the space for us – first time Anabel lead the big circle introduction and it was brilliant, thank you!





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Triton Square, London UK

We went yesterday to the D&D event ‘What can we all do about underrepresentation of working class actors in the arts?’ at Triton Square, London.

There were a only one group where all the conversations happened practically the whole evening.

We talked a lot about how working class actors feel discriminated against in castings – is it ‘casting’ a good word? How their education limit their exposure to the arts, how they struggle financially to support themselves in drama training and so on. Many ideas came out to help resolving all the issues.

Ben observed the power of the collective represented by the one only group.

I made 4 dolls which are now filled by the collective enthusiasm and courage to change what needs changing.

Thanks Ben and Anabel for holding the space for all of us.



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New Diorama Theatre, London UK

Yesterday we went to the D&D event ‘How do we engage artists & Autism Spectrum Disorder in the room?’  in a gorgeous space of New Diorama Theatre, London.

When Lee introduced the event he talked about the giraffe. For some reason nobody talks about it for ages, there isn’t even a picture of it! Lee likes the giraffe, so do I. I am happy he reminds us about this beautiful animal and behaviour.

Jenny and Hannah came to my session, we made 4 dolls. We shared an unexpected emotional moment about Shakespeare, luckily we were prepared to be surprised!

This is the very first D&D event my daughter Gabi attended. She is doing an internship at the National Autism Society. She said the event was very insightful for her. So happy to have her at the event I love so much.

We ended up everybody in one only conversation group. Lee said that in 13 years it was the first time it happened.

I felt everybody were genuinely grateful with lots of hope in our closing circle.

Thank you Hannah and Jenny for our special moment together and thank you D&D for making essential conversations happen again.




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National Theatre Studios, London UK

We met last Friday in another great D&D event ‘Old Actors – How Can We Play Our Part?’ at the National Theatre Studios in London.

I called a session ‘Dreams and Hearts – is there age for them?’

Pernille, Paddy, Nikikay, Aladin, Simon and someone I don’t know the name came to the session. Most of us put dreams and hearts into the dolls and we meditated with them. We made 8 dolls in total. Thank you!

Some comments

‘Dreams and hearts have to do with life experience, not age in numbers. They can change or be fulfilled as time goes by (or stay the same)’

‘Heart is the root of everything. It’s what life is about – love’

We can play our part doing what our body, which is full of dreams and has a heart, asks us to do. I am going to keep making my dolls and I’ll dance again.

Lots of courage to all of us.



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Exhibition extended until end of March!

I am delighted that Chriskitch invited me to stay one month more in their space. Also grateful to Becky who once more is supporting the project. Thank you so much everybody!

Photographic Exhibition in Muswell Hill at ChrisKitch

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More books for the Library

I’ve got already enough material to make 1400 books for the Library!



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Theatre Delicatessen, London UK

We spent last Monday and Tuesday at Theatre Delicatessen in London on a brilliant residency facilitated by Jennifer Toksvig.

I am delighted to tell you – the dolls will have their own library! They fell in love with Jen’s Personal Fairy Tale Library with beautiful hand made books and lots of love. They asked me to give them a library as well, with beautiful books they could understand. As they don’t have an alphabet, it couldn’t be in any written language so the books will have only images. I guess while we are building their library we will find out the best way to communicate with them. I promised that each one will have their own book so there is a lot of work to do. Each book has a magic precious stone on the cover page.

The official launch:

‘ The Magician’s Library

The catalogue of the Library of the World Magic League.

Published for the World Magic League by J&R.’

and the first paragraph of the Introduction

‘ When the World Magic League was founded in 2017, prominent among its objects was the formation of a Magic Library, available for use by its members, the dolls.’

(I copied these words from The Player’s Library, a book which happened to be on the table I was seated making dolls).

I made 7 dolls, we were 7 people including a 7 months old baby who has a 7 years old sister.

The photos show the first books which I made the evening before, the first book drawn by Jen, the first draft of the Library architecture, and the first shelf.

and Theatre Delicatessen is based in an old Library!

We love you Jen.





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Photo exhibition at Chrisktich Muswell Hill, London UK

I opened yesterday a new exhibition in Muswell Hill. I am at Chriskitch for another month and really happy to be back to this lovely space. I brought works from 2013 to brand new ones made last month, all of them inspired by Dreams and a Heart project.

At this time 25% of each photo will go to the charity Plan, which is associated with the project. They do amazing job sponsoring children in need all over the world.

I invite you to come, bring your friends and family, enjoy delicious food and beautiful art work. You will love it.

7a Tetherdown
Muswell Hill
N10 1ND

Opening time:
Monday 9am to 5pm
Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am to 5pm.


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Fish – Butterflies – Humans – Angels






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2016 Cufos Community Centre, Muswell Hill London, UK

Last year Vici, Naiara, Fiona and Nicola came to Cufos to make dolls. Nicola came to almost all the workshops, she is a loyal supporter of the project, thank you all! We made and meditated 42 dolls in total.

We met every last Friday of the month as we did in 2015. We had inspiring conversations sharing our feelings and stories. It is amazing how healing it is to be together.

The jazz band rehearsed every night in the room next door, like it always do.

I like going to Cufos, I like our routine, I am happy we are going to restart today.

See you there.







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