Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

Last Friday we went to another In Practice event at Royal Academy of Arts in London. 

It was great, as always, to see all artists sharing their work and talking about their artistic process, all of them were fantastic. 

I was specially inspired by the experience of a trans artist. Her work shows many phases of the process since the early days when she became aware of who she was, going thorough her decision to transitioning, the surgery and the experience of recent years as a trans woman. She was so honest and keen to clarify many misunderstandings about gender dysphoria. All the struggle, pain and accomplishment expressed in her art, amazing!

It was also great to follow the experience of an artist who had a stroke that limited him a lot physically. His art work is really funny, made us laugh during his presentation, he shows amazing positivity and sense of humour despite his painful condition. 

The makers were Matty, Julia, Vera, Nina and Anahita. We made 5 dolls, I’ll finish them all at home. 

‘It made me feel useful. It made me feel calm.’ 

Thank you so much Molly and Sarah for inviting us, it is wonderful to attend In Practice.

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