50 Dolls from Italy!

Annalisa made these 50 dolls. She sent them to me from Italy some days ago and I can clearly see that they were made with lots of care. Her soft and kind dreams and her generous heart are into all these dolls. I am so grateful, grazie mille my dearest friend!


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The dolls and astrology

I have been developing this Art Installation for over three years and around a year ago I realized that Pluto in Capricorn has been a friend, an ally on this project. The work has given me insights that I would like to share with you.

The installation is made up by many dolls queuing that remind us our spine. Capricorn ruled by Saturn is connected with our skeleton. The dolls being transformed into our spine is a metaphor of the radical transformation that is going on in our planet in terms of our old structures. The new structures that will be born will be the expression of something alive and profound that keeps all of us together, like our vertebrae, this solid but flexible structure that sustains our body. Pluto transformative power is cleaning the way for us to build up this structure that will express the reality of our times.

We know that our spine communicates all the informations from our brain to the entire body, physiologically speaking. In psychological terms our back carries the unconscious life which can be full of emotions from our past including our ancestry. Eastern traditions say that our spine is the energetic pathway which links the divine with the material world.

I feel that humankind is suffering of ‘terrible back pain’, what can be associated with an unconscious Saturn-shadow as we insist to live disconnected from each other, from our ancestors and from our spiritual nature. Our shadow is what we do not accept in ourselves leading to problems with others, our past and our spiritual life.

We can think that to love our enemies as Christians say means to love our shadow in terms of Jungian psychology. When we live in peace with our own shadow our enemies become friends. We are all linked together and we are the new alive structure that Pluto in Capricorn is helping us to have the courage to build. Every people, every nation in peace with a brand new Saturn, a brand new Reality. I hope to be still here in this planet to enjoy this reality, full of proper Time to live together.

The project invites people to participate in workshops which include to put hearts into the dolls. I have noticed that when people put hearts into their dolls and when they meditate connected with their own hearts, many of them remember their lost loved ones, so they do it in remembrance of their ancestry. Pluto is transforming our old-dead structures. However what is past but still alive will survive.

I guess that everything that still has love in it will remain among us to keep us warm and safe. This is what Pluto in Capricorn is doing, and I am happy to feel that somehow I am collaborating, even in a very tiny way, to this transformation through my art work.

These photos below are the ‘X-rays of our new spine’


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X-rays of vertebrae

IMG_4015 IMG_4014 IMG_4012

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Dreams and a Heart Workshop every last Friday of the month, London UK


Dreams and A Heart Workshop

Posted on 24 February, 2015 by Becky


Come along to the ‘Dreams and A Heart’ Workshop and help Regina Mendes put hearts into the dolls, enjoy a little bit of sewing and some good conversations.

In 2011, Regina Mendes came up with the idea of the ‘Dreams and A Heart’ project, making one doll that represents each one of us in the world.

“More than an idea it was a deep feeling of ‘I must do it’! Although I have never sewed in my life I bought a little sewing machine and learnt how to make them. It was then that I realised it would be quite difficult to reach a target of 7 billion! So, with my feet back on the ground, I started cutting the zeros. I thought 70 was too few so I added one more zero -700- it is a lot but possible. I would not be making one doll to one person but a percentage that would represent each continent.
Each doll is roughly the same size and colour, the colour of our bones, suggesting that we are all the same regardless of our little differences. They are all stuffed with the filling from old pillows which are full of dreams and each one has a heart.” Regina Mendes

The ‘Dreams And a Heart’ project claims to be helping this suffering world to become happier, healthier and more just.

Further Details

Date and Time

27th February 06:00pm to 10:00pm
27th March 06:00pm to 10:00pm


Top of The Avenue, Muswell Hill
N10 2QE

Venue: CUFOS Community Centre
Categories: Workshop

Thank You Becky!

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Cufos Community Centre, Muswell Hill, London UK

Mari, Tim and Tabada came to the workshop on Friday 27th February 2015 at Cufos. I sewed 34 dolls and we together turned all of them inside out. We filled up 11 with dreams, we put hearts into 3 and we meditated feeling our own heart beats. Tabada brought her pillow full of her dreams! Thank you so much! I love to know that we are going to meet again in March.




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The next community of 700 dolls at Cufos Community Centre, Muswell Hill, London UK

We started the next community of 700 dolls on Friday 30th January 2015 at Cufos Community Centre in Muswell Hill.

Tim, Cynthia, Nicola, Jo and Tabada came to help me put hearts into the dolls and finish to sew them.

We made 10 dolls together, we meditated with our own hearts and we had great conversations.

Thank you so much everyone!

IMG_0424 IMG_0419 IMG_0415


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700 dolls completed!!! Last weekend at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London UK

‘700 dolls – 7, just one step to infinite.’

We spent the last weekend, 24 – 25 January 2015 at York Hall, Bethnal Green, London at another fantastic D&D event.

I asked people to help me to put hearts into 77 dolls and we would complete together the entire community of 700 dolls this weekend.

Many people came to help and I have got some of the names: Giulia, Viv, Li, Ellie, Ellis, Shani, Minna, Chloe, Lekan, Ruth, Catherine, James, Dean, Beatie, Giselle, Ayesha, James, Lorraine, Stella, Anna, Jennifer, Michela, Paul, David, Liberty, Cindy, Emma, Daniel, Elspeth, Kitty, Liz, Theo, Anna, Nick, Alexandra, Rosanna, Lucy, Arne, Catherine, Anne, Jessica, Wendy, Karen, Susie and Sarah.

And I am happy to announce

YES! We have made it!

700 dolls completed in the same space I arrived in 2012, 3 years ago, with just 7 dolls and shared the project with everybody.

Can you imagine how grateful I am to D&D people?

When I announced at the end of Sunday at the big circle “I am happy to announce…’ I didn’t need to complete my words, everybody clapped and screamed for many minutes cheering our achievement.

I told them that this is an International D&D and 77 dolls represent Europe which is 11% of the world population. I also emphasize that the most special thing would be to come along and have a little rest, a quiet moment to connect with our own hearts, feel inspired and recharged by the experience.

We worked non stop the entire weekend. It was wonderful to see so many keen to help. Some people were disappointed when they arrived and there were no dolls left.

We put hearts into the dolls and everyone made a meditation connecting with their own heartbeat and breath.The meditation time was different for each person, some stayed for one minute and others up to 15 minutes.

We made 28 dolls on Saturday and 49 on Sunday.

Some comments:

‘700 dolls – 77 dolls left – 7, just one step to infinite’

‘Filling ‘my’ doll with a healed heart and a soul made of dreams, that was what I looked for to feel good. In this first day of ‘first times’, I was a bit confused and while I was wondering around looking for what would have made me more comfortable, I met Regina’s eyes and hearts and dreams…and all that I needed was there. Thank you for this opportunity to make dreams come true, to bring my dolls to life, to make space and time to share and make beauty ( which for me it is life expressing itself at its best = love) together. Words can’t describe it but presence does. Keep bringing dreams to life!’

‘I think the dolls look happy. It was good to remember that I have a breath and heartbeat and that it takes a moment of thought to straighten out a heart sometimes. Thank you!’

‘I realize how grateful I am that you provide space for this at D&D. Everyone around us is having intense and intellectual conversations and lots of brains are buzzing with lots of thoughts. And this experience allows space to come back to our hearts and our peace. It creates space. I didn’t know I needed some peace and quiet until I arrived here but now I understand that it is an essential part – a necessary part – of this weekend. Thank you for creating this for us!’

‘At first my thoughts were busy and conflicting ‘ there’s so much to concentrate on…’ but then I sat for a while and thought ‘I have breath, I have a beating heart and I have dreams.’ I then felt the beating pulse in the thumb covering my doll’s heart starts beating too. He came alive and had a life of his own. Maybe that’s all there is to create life then. Breath, a beating heart and dreams.’

‘As I held my doll and sewed up the leg I felt suddenly very much at peace and starting thinking of my mother… she is like so many people out there, I feel has suffered so much in her life but still radiates such an enormous amount of love, and …endless fight, both aspects come hand in hand in life. My hand as I held my doll’s heart felt very warm, whilst really I am/was quite cold on this room. What a lovely, peaceful moment!’

‘I learnt to start from the heart first and then the dreams. Connecting myself to silence was quite hard, it would take me a bit of practice.’

‘There is a tiny, cluttered corridor with dolls hanging on its walls. As you walk the corridor, as the floor creaks with tiny, cluttered thoughts, make sure to greet the dolls. they wish you well as you walk out into the world.’

‘A profound, healing and hopeful thing to do, thank you Regina.’

‘A strange but soothing ritual. unexpectedly just what I wanted to do’.

‘These dolls have become an anchor and a marker on a very personal journey for me. I love checking in with them each year and making a little person full of my new learnings.’

‘Thank you for giving me the chance to meditate.’

‘Peaceful engagement, reflection and calm.’

‘A moment to centre my attention on the present and to give my effort to a warm and generous project.’

‘A humble reminder that life shot a rat race where every individual is out for themselves but that we are surrounded by people with dreams and hopes.’

‘One of the most heart-healing experiences of my life… helping Regina realize this wonderful project. Trust your dreams and let your heart smile, for once (twice, 700 times…)’

‘Last year I had just lost my mother to cancer. I made 3 dolls: one fore me, one for my mother and one for my father( who passed away 10 years ago). This year a friend lost both his parents and I made two dolls for each of them, to carry their love and values to the world. Thank you for this opportunity to meditate and reflect.’

‘This time last year I came and I made three dolls. This year I came back with a challenge : four dolls! two in the mornings and two in the afternoons. it was wonderful giving my time to reflect on past conversations from the day. 700 done! well done! Good luck with your future with the dolls! All my love.’

’Thank you Regina for this grounding and attentive experience. I made the 699th doll the penultimate doll on Sunday 25 January 2015. It was a very great and engaging activity with such care. thank you for including me. I particularly enjoyed taking the time to inject my heart beat into my doll and filling it with the dreams of others – beautiful metaphor! I will tell other people about this so please keep doing it and bring this experience to others. Thank you!’

‘This is my first time at D&D and the first thing that excited me was the invitation to make a doll. I decided to save it till the end. I was the 77th and 700th doll! I found this wonderful experience. I felt very committed to and invested in the simple doll. I cared for the doll and I want to make sure that I know what happens and how this can become an exhibition. the final meditation and connection with my own heart was grounding. I did this with a fellow Canadian. Everyone who made a doll seems to care a lot about the work. Thank you for doing this. exciting work.’

‘A project pulsing with peace and love. I am happy I made a doll.’

‘Lovely and relaxing experience. Love my doll!’

‘Hugely moving moment for me, making one of Regina’s dolls, sending a meditation to my surgeon for next Sat’s surgery.’

‘Having a break from talking, sewing with Regina – so beautiful!’

‘Transformative experience and a brilliant end to my dandd10 weekend.’

Thank You So Much Everybody!

That is why I make the dolls, I love you, I am so glad there is tomorrow and we will be together again.

See you this Friday when we will start the next community of 700 dolls.











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700 dolls – 7, just one step to infinite




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Ovalhouse, London UK

Last Thursday 18 December 2014 we met in another D&D event at Ovalhouse in London UK to thanks 2014 and to ask where do we go from here?

We had great conversations about creativity, who we are and how was 2014 for us. While we were talking we sewed six dolls. I sewed five and Sarah put a heart into a doll, did a short meditation with her own heart and perfectly finished it, she told me she used to sew costumes before. She took these beautiful photos of ‘our six friends’ celebrating Christmas with us.

I had an image about the dolls. They are our base layer. On top of the base layer we will add a first layer, a second, a third, a fourth and so on until we reach a beautiful out layer. I look forward seeing the next layers, and there will be many as it can be very cold outside!

When you look at the doll you will think ‘this is my body’. Well I realised this is your base layer, your body is pure dream. I will keep making the dolls and I will keep asking you to help me making them for us to be warm and safe.

I want to thank you everybody for have inspired me with your amazing dreams and hearts so far so much for the last five years. I am specially grateful to D&D people who are responsible for holding the space for us, such generosity is priceless, thank you amazing improbable people, I love you!




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I like the silence

I like when things are clear to my mind and real to my heart.

At this moment I don’t mind if we will find a new word or new world. 







I like the silence.


I didn’t do anything, 

I am just here.

The gravity did the job. 

I love landing, 

I am back to my heart,

I am back home.

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