Dreams and a Heart

Hello I am Regina and I will introduce you to the project Dreams and a Heart – a community artwork for peace.

I woke up beginning of 2011 with the idea of making one doll that represents each one of us on Earth. More than an idea it was a deep feeling of ‘ I must do it’! I was absolutely sure that I had finally found my mission in life and the feeling was just amazing! I felt like Noah when he was told to build the Ark or like a fairy tale character who is told to accomplish almost impossible tasks in order to achieve something really precious.

I’d like to tell you that I had never sewed in my life. I bought a little sewing machine, read the instructions and learned how to sew the dolls. It was when I began the process of making them that I realised it would take quite a while to reach a target of 7 billion dolls. I played with the number and cut the zeros up to 700. It was when I had the idea to make communities of dolls for each inhabited continent of the planet. This idea became the first step of the project – to reach five communities of 700 dolls.

The first couple of years I made them slowly on my own. However since 2013 I have been making them regularly and it was also in 2013 when I first invited people to help me which transformed the project into a community artwork. I always explained everybody about the five communities of 700 dolls. I kept going that way until quite recently, beginning 2018, when I definitely decided to tell everybody the truth that we are making one doll for each one of us on Earth. Such a relief!

Each doll is roughly the same size and colour, the colour of our bones, suggesting that we are all the same regardless of our little differences. They are all filled with the stuffing that comes from old pillows which are full of dreams and each one has a heart. With Dreams and a Heart we can help this suffering world to become happier, healthier and more just.

Every person I talk about the project falls in love with it and most of them help in one way or another: making the entire doll or completing them in the workshops we run in UK and abroad, giving me their old pillows and also pieces of fabric such as clothes and mainly old sheets. They also helped me to build this website and make films and photos of the process. They offer space to exhibit the dolls and invite the project to attend amazing festivals and events. They help me to correct my English so people can understand that I am not talking about doors but dolls. Since 2016 we have been blessed by the presence of their godmother Sarah who is the producer of the project and helps us whenever she can.

We have created over 2000 dolls already! There is a page in this website where you can find photos and how to make the dolls in case you want to help us.

I just want to finish by saying that I am so grateful for all contributions I have received so far. I love you all!