What will happen?

The first step of the project is to reach five communities of 700 dolls. We are going to do an art installation with them and after that we will decide where they are going to be sent. They could be invitedĀ  to all kinds of places including schools, hospitals and occupational therapy centres.

At this point people who receive the dolls will decide what they are going to create with them. They can decide for example their gender, paint and dress them, give them a face and hair or they can just keep them in their simple shape.


When you click the picture above you can see the percentage that 700 dolls represents for each continent.

After we sent the five communities of dolls to each of the continents we start the next five communities. We will keep making them until there is a doll representing you, me and each one of us on this planet.

This is an artistic project and a healing process.

Shall we make it happen?