Some comments

These are some of the comments we have received from workshop participants over the years, posted in chronological order.


‘I found out these dreams on the floor’

‘I made three dolls, one for me, one for my mother who died last October and one for my dad who died 10 years ago. I passed on their love, hope and generosity to be with the dolls wherever they go. I am so thankful for this opportunity to spread peace to myself and to the world’

‘I made 12 dolls for my father’s freedom because his freedom depends on 12 people’

‘A real moment of stillness and focus on a shared humanity, for me a very personal experience which helped with some present difficulties, wonderful’

‘Provided space and a moment of calm during a hectic weekend’

‘I felt a sense of peace and gratitude. I had not realized I needed the quiet. Nor did I realized how I would enjoy, in that moment, connecting to a sense of global and, indeed, the whimsical. One small act is what I have to give’

‘Making my doll was very calming and helped me check back into myself. The quiet, the concentration, knowing that you are helping in a little and large way. It felt beautiful. Feeling the rhythm of the movement and the accomplishment. It was lovely, just lovely’

‘I liked to sew the dreams into the leg. It helped me focus and concentrate after a long day of discussions and talking’

‘Thank you for bringing the dolls at D&D. It was a lively moment for me when I sat down and had the opportunity to breath, close my eyes and feel my own heart beating. After two days of work and talks, it felt peaceful to have a moment of silence and recollection. I sewed two dolls, and it was special. Very poetic, yet simple. I wish you good luck with this beautiful project’

‘Thank you. Doing my bit touched my heart more than anything in the last days, let’s make 7 000 000 000′

‘I lost my heart’

‘Thank you, a lovely break from intense discussions’

‘This is lovely, such a moment of rest, relaxation, focus and happiness’

‘Give me a heart!’

‘I feel that you managed to invent a way to make everyone stop and do something for others in a simple and soulful way. It is the practice of generosity. It is pure art and action. It is engendering something the world really needs. We make a doll which has dreams and a heart, we send love and hope to everyone in the world, it is well-targeted magic’

‘It is meditative, a delicate thing to do in the middle of a trampled life. What unsuspected delicacy we discover in us and in others! The silent moment of putting dreams inside the dolls and connecting our heart with the heart that will inhabit that doll. That afternoon resonated with me for a long time. It still does, thank you. It was a lovely moment, in the middle of the city, this microcosm of craziness so lacking in the energy which was in that room’ 

‘This is a courageous and lovely project Regina! This project is symbolic of the urgent need to expand our awareness that we are all connected by a network of light and shade, for which we are all responsible. I hope that our dreams circulate, nurture and cultivate human solidarity, with faith and love for all of us. Simple as that!’

‘Loose your dreams and you loose your mind’

‘It is very therapeutic’

‘I dedicate this moment to my mother who died of heart problems a year ago’

‘We need to put the heart in the right place’

‘Fantastic project, from heart to heart. Good luck!’

‘The dolls caught my eye, dreams from pillows is lovely hopeful message. Relaxing experience with healing potential for an uncertain future’

‘Lovely meditation!’

‘Lovely peaceful workshop. Nice to take 5 minutes out of a busy day to do something creative’

‘Beautiful and emotional that chat with Regina about love, mothering, astrology and life. Thank you! I sewed 4 dolls!’

‘It was not easy to find my own pulse on my wrist when I finally found it on my neck. I enjoyed the texture of white ‘cloud of dreams’, thank you!’

‘Your project remind me of both Reike and Vordun with the dolls as a vessel for my pulse bringing life to the dolls heart. I wonder if the corresponding being will have been remotely charged in the moment. Thank you Regina – I enjoyed a meditative time participating here!’


‘700 dolls – 77 dolls left – 7, just one step to infinite’

‘Filling ‘my’ doll with a healed heart and a soul made of dreams, that was what I looked for to feel good. In this first day of ‘first times’, I was a bit confused and while I was wondering around looking for what would have made me more comfortable, I met Regina’s eyes and hearts and dreams…and all that I needed was there. Thank you for this oportunity to make dreams come true, to bring my dolls to life, to make space and time to share and make beauty ( which for me it is life expressing itself at its best = love) together. Words can’t describe it but presence does. Keep bringing dreams to life!’

‘I think the dolls look happy. It was good to remember that I have a breath and heartbeat and that it takes a moment of thought to straighten out a heart sometimes. Thank you!’

‘I realize how grateful I am that you provide space for this at D&D. Everyone around us is having intense and intellectual conversations and lots of brains are buzzing with lots of thoughts. And this experience allows space to come back to our hearts and our peace. It creates space. I didn’t know I needed some peace and quiet until I arrived here but now I understand that it is an essential part – a necessary part – of this weekend. Thank you for creating this for us!’

‘At first my thoughts were busy and conflicting ‘ there’s so much to concentrate on…’ but then I sat for a while and thought ‘I have breath, I have a beating heart and I have dreams.’ I then felt the beating pulse in the thumb covering my doll’s heart starts beating too. He came alive and had a life of his own. Maybe that’s all there is to create life then. Breath, a beating heart and dreams.’

‘As I held my doll and sewed up the leg I felt suddenly very much at peace and starting thinking of my mother… she is like so many people out there, I feel has suffered so much in her life but still radiates such an enormous amount of love, and …endless fight, both aspects come hand in hand in life. My hand as I held my doll’s heart felt very warm, whilst really I am/was quite cold on this room. What a lovely, peaceful moment!’

‘I learnt to start from the heart first and then the dreams. Connecting myself to silence was quite hard, it would take me a bit of practice.’

‘There is a tiny, cluttered corridor with dolls hanging on its walls. As you walk the corridor, as the floor creaks with tiny, cluttered thoughts, make sure to greet the dolls. they wish you well as you walk out into the world.’

‘A profound, healing and hopeful thing to do, thank you Regina.’

‘A strange but soothing ritual. unexpectedly just what I wanted to do’.

‘These dolls have become an anchor and a marker on a very personal journey for me. I love checking in with them each year and making a little person full of my new learnings.’

‘Thank you for giving me the chance to meditate.’

‘Peaceful engagement, reflection and calm.’

‘A moment to centre my attention on the present and to give my effort to a warm and generous project.’

‘A humble reminder that life shot a rat race where every individual is out for themselves but that we are surrounded by people with dreams and hopes.’

‘One of the most heart-healing experiences of my life… helping Regina realize this wonderful project. Trust your dreams and let your heart smile, for once (twice, 700 times…)’

‘Last year I had just lost my mother to cancer. I made 3 dolls: one fore me, one for my mother and one for my father( who passed away 10 years ago). This year a friend lost both his parents and I made two dolls for each of them, to carry their love and values to the world. Thank you for this opportunity to meditate and reflect.’

‘This time last year I came and I made three dolls. This year I came back with a challenge : four dolls! two in the mornings and two in the afternoons. it was wonderful giving my time to reflect on past conversations from the day. 700 done! well done! Good luck with your future with the dolls! All my love.’

’Thank you Regina for this grounding and attentive experience. I made the 699th doll the penultimate doll on Sunday 25 January 2015. It was a very great and engaging activity with such care. thank you for including me. I particularly enjoyed taking the time to inject my heart beat into my doll and filling it with the dreams of others – beautiful metaphor! I will tell other people about this so please keep doing it and bring this experience to others. Thank you!’

‘This is my first time at D&D and the first thing that excited me was the invitation to make a doll. I decided to save it till the end. I was the 77th and 700th doll! I found this wonderful experience. I felt very committed to and invested in the simple doll. I cared for the doll and I want to make sure that I know what happens and how this can become an exhibition. the final meditation and connection with my own heart was grounding. I did this with a fellow Canadian. Everyone who made a doll seems to care a lot about the work. Thank you for doing this. exciting work.’

‘Transformative experience and a brilliant end to my dandd10 weekend.’

‘A project pulsing with peace and love. I am happy I made a doll.’

‘Lovely and relaxing experience. Love my doll!’

‘Hugely moving moment for me, making one of Regina’s dolls, sending a meditation to my surgeon for next Sat’s surgery.’

‘Having a break from talking, sewing with Regina – so beautiful!’

‘This is the last thing I ever imagined I would be doing this weekend and I am quite enjoying it’

‘After having my heart broken last year, it was so helpful and special to share time with you and to go through the process of fitting a body with dreams and a new heart. Thank you’

‘I am going home now, I’ve found what I was looking for, this is all I needed, thank you’

‘Don’t say 700 Regina, say 7 billion!’

‘First of all I would like to thank you immensely for the amazing experience. It has been a pleasure making the dolls with you. I know how important they are to you. I am happy to have been the lucky one to feel the immense good you are making through your job/life and to have contribute to this. I would recommend this session, this deep and philosophical session, to everyone because it makes you understand the importance of contributing/volunteering to a good cause for our modern society. Please Regina, keep on making these dolls and make everyone happy with your heart’

‘I could connect to your dolls and feel really grateful to have my baby’s photo to be part of your exhibition. It is so wonderful. I feel your work bring people connecting to the universe much closer, like the moons’

‘Using my hands helped lubricate my ideas and thoughts’

‘It was nice to come here and relax after intense conversations’ 


‘It was very rewarding to shape those pieces of fabric! It reminded me of morphogenetic fields defined and demonstrated by Rupert Sheldrake, Cambridge University. Just as the spirit needs to become a morphic field that guides the biomolecules until they become alive, I felt that the cotton fibers were this morphic field giving ‘life’ to each doll! Contemplatively immersed in the richness of the creative process. Eternal gratitude!’

It is an invitation to share the present time, to be present together.You cannot be with others while paying attention to your mobile phone, but you certainly can do that while sewing and meditating. In present times, dreaming a better world is a kind of privilege. Regina is promoting a community experience – working together to donate the result of this togetherness to other person in another part of the world.’ 

‘This is a brilliant session. Great to sit down and making + chatting + contributing to this project. Beautifully led! So glad I came!’

‘Relaxed + enjoyable experience.’

‘I totally loved this. Small meditative beautiful!’

‘I loved making my little person. Beautiful idea and a really relaxing, creative experience. Thank you!’

‘Good to finally do a doll, have started on other D&D, at last I finished one, thank you Regina, hugs.’

‘What a beautiful idea and a calming ‘other’ experience. Regina is a skillful dreamer and this passion project is a beautiful shaft of light in a complex world. 7 billion will be.’

‘Thank you for creating a space for craft and meditation, may the hearts of the dolls spread love across the universe!’

‘Very calming! Look forward to seeing more of this project. The doll I stuffed had a red mark which appeared where its appendix would be – funny because I’ve just had mine taken out.’

‘1000! Thank you, a wonderful moment of calm for body and brain – lovely!’

‘I had a lovely time making my doll today. Thank you!’

‘A tender holding both of me by her and by me to the doll. May life reign beautifully!’

‘A brilliant moment of calm and peace in the middle of creative chaos.’

‘At first I asked Regina what this session was about and she said let’s do it and you will see. Really touchy, connecting and so important. Just let it be. Really enjoyed and thank you for the meditation and for inviting me to make a doll.’

‘This has been absolutely lovely, so calm! Thank you for teaching me.’

‘This was a really therapeutic exercise. I had a lot of great conversations with great people whilst making my doll and after meditating I felt very connect and a lot of love for my little creation. I hope he has a good journey! Thanks Regina.’

‘Really enjoyed this – found it so relaxing, I even learnt how to sew – so new excuses for me regarding missing buttons! Wonderful project.’

‘Calming, ‘different’, very ambitious, don’t doubt it will happen, thanks.’

‘This session was beautiful! It helped to center my mind, it centered my dreams and suddenly made me realise I must pursue the reoccurring persistent dream I’ve been having.’

‘This beautiful project by Regina, in my second experience, led me to reflect on the symbolic opening of our wings, of letting our flight happen, as suggested by Regina, when she mentioned the point between the shoulder blades: ‘That’s where we hold the tension of fear and anger’. That’s also where the key n. 9 is, in the Japanese practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu, which means end of one cycle, beginning of another. ‘

‘Everyone’s heart is different’

‘I’ve taken a soul and filled it with dreams on a lovely evening with very wise and astute company’ 

‘I feel like I’m part of something very beautiful, rare and very human, and I am honoured’

‘I feel peaceful – thank you for this evening’

‘Thank you for a wonderful peaceful time with you all!’

‘I hope the dreams make a contribution to world peace.’

‘Meditating with a new group of people was a life-giving experience. I felt tranquil and peaceful and hope loving kindness will come to all.’

‘A wonderful experience for a fantastic evening. Loved the exhibition.’

‘When Regina (I didn’t know her name then) asked me if I’d like to make a doll I was glad – I’ve seen her putting them up and been curious, she’d lost her printouts so explained to me the ‘Dream’ around the dolls – it’s love, it’s community, it’s inclusive Art + the small act of stuffing a little being + talking to Regina was a balm to the soul. Many thanks, One Love.’

‘Loved it! Very calming, thank you!’

‘The process of creating was therapeutic. Once made I was happy to add the figure to the collection to be part of the group.’

‘I will come back and sew Daniel, finish his leg. He is the focus of this, my doll, because it represents the person I most love in the world. My dream is that he is happy, and my heart is his heart.’

‘I applaud you for your accomplishments and your ever so admirable pursuit of peace through your dolls.’

‘Lovely to chat with you this evening Regina and to find out about what you are doing within the community here. Such a thoughtful and inspired way of bringing people together and connecting at an emotional level.’

‘Very powerful holding the pulse. I liked my figure with its weird little legs, thank you.’

‘Wonderful idea, it captured the essence of humanity. Relaxing and at times frustrating, but throughly enjoyable.’

‘What a wonderful tactile experience. So meaningful the process.’

‘Stuffed my dreams away. Now I feel like I should follow them.’

‘A lovely surprinzing moment in time when you least expect it to remember through dreams a very special person who is no longer in your life. A friend you thought you would share dreams forever, but it was not to be!’

‘An unexpected experience that begins in a very practical way/ activity and then leads to a meditative moment of quiet! Thank you!’

‘I enjoyed making the little figure come to life by filling her with my dreams.’

‘My little doll is important because I don’t who it is. I always want to know and see everything. With this doll I happily embraced not knowing. Who will appear in my life? A man? A child? Both? None? I don’t know but he/she will come. Beautiful not- knowing… Thank you little doll.’

‘It was an absolute delight to come across Regina and her dolls. Had a great time!’

‘I hope my dreams come true.’

‘I did not expect to spend such a long time on this table, such a peaceful and great moment, thank you!’

‘Bellissima experience! Moment of relax and peace.’

‘It was a wonderful and peaceful experience. I really enjoyed taking the time to do something so relaxing and creative. I look forward to seeing the finished result.’

‘When I was meditating I felt a very personal connection to my doll and its dreams. It was pleasant and felt warm to be in the moment with myself and the doll.’

‘A moving tribute to the dynamics of loss and love, grounding.’

‘What a wonderful experience. Regina has the most wonderful, soothing energy and it is a joy to be part of this project. I have walked away feeling very connected to all wonderful humans out there- Thank you Regina!’

‘A wonderful way to quiet the mind and escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It was a beautiful creative experience coached perfectly by Regina- thank you so much.’

‘This is a tiny-huge quiet-powerful beautiful thing, it is really special.’

‘A Dream and a Heart for everyone on earth.’

‘Slowly but surely, the dreams are taking over.’

‘One of the most gorgeous arts/craft/participatory things I’ve ever had the good fortune to take part in…’

‘A joy to be a part of Dreams and a Heart art project at Omnibus Theatre.’

‘Thank you Regina for letting me be part of your dream-making. It was a soothing and reflective experience – a lovely moment of calm in the middle of the storm!’

‘It was really relaxing and I found it very helpful to calm me down and I think it’s a lovely project to be able to be part in. Thank you so much. I really enjoyed it and I thought you were very kind and helpful and the whole atmosphere was lovely.’

‘This was the second doll I made and just like the last time it was a nice moment of rest, time to think of what has been going on that day. It’s a nice project and I hope that many people will join in and help Regina to achieve her goal.’

‘Making the doll is being. It is an opportunity to press pause for a moment, take time, reflect, share in stillness, in activity, in conversation. Felling my pulse during the meditation just reminded me that I am alive, I am full of life. What an achievement! Thank you!’

‘Regina and her dolls are always a nice company, helping you to relax, come back to earth, to connect. A very positive vibe is around her, an oasis, meditative centre point of D&D.’

‘Very powerful holding the pulse. I liked my figure with its weird little legs, thank you.’

‘Wonderful idea, it captured the essence of humanity. Relaxing and at times frustrating, but throughly enjoyable.’

‘What a wonderful tactile experience. So meaningful the process.’

‘Stuffed my dreams away. Now I feel like I should follow them.’

‘I really enjoyed making my doll. This is such an innovative, creative, RELAXING way of focusing your energy and making friends!’

‘Wonderful sensory experience. I felt fully engaged with the process, the doll and Regina. Thank you.’

‘I felt a ring of energy pulsing through me into the doll – and back into me. It was powerful and beautiful.’

‘The most valuable and rewarding thing I can do is to heal my heart. A beautiful and magical moment. Powerful because it is so simple yet profound. Thank you (from the bottom of my heart).’

‘Sometimes the universe gives one a gift. This has been a beautiful process – it has helped me find clarity and reconnect with my body amidst a time of emotional turmoil. I have found ‘the answer’ to the turmoil. Thank you!’

‘It made me feel useful. It made me feel calm.’ 

‘A very calming & meditative experience! Definitely coming back in a future D&D.’

‘When I make a doll, my hands are busy. Somehow my mind opens, my heart opens. I can have a more meaningful conversation + connection with the other makers.’

‘When I sat down with Regina to make the doll I was so tired and was done with talking. To gently, slowly listen, touch, feel, make… to sit with others doing the same…and then to sit quietly with the doll meditating…beautiful, resting, soft, focused, moving. As I was in the middle of making I was feeling it would be hard to pass it back to Regina… but strangely, or not, after meditating, it was right the time to let it go. Beautiful and necessary contrast for me among all the talk and action of the previous two days. Thank you!’

‘Luscious! Great way to relax and take your mind to a peaceful place. Regina is fabulous and really helps to relax you whist making dolls.’

‘It helped me to check- in with myself and ask if I was ok again.’

‘I had heard how peaceful and refreshing the process was with Regina before I began. It lived up to my expectation and was a soothing experience throughout the whole time. I enjoyed the concept of dreams being filled into our personal dolls. Dreams of the past, present and future that came from strangers but feeling like our own. Adding the heart and giving it my heartbeat was an unifying ritual and I was sad to let him go but am happy he has joined the other ‘Dreamers’. Thank you for this!’

‘Calm, caring and careful accumulation of form filled with dreams and a beating heart – and then I felt that it was my heart beating…’

‘I felt very relaxed. It was a wonderful experience. I have a fascination with dreams. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.’

‘O encontro do passado e do presente. Fui capaz de colocar aqui todos os meus e os sonhos de outro alguem dentro de um lindo ser. Lembrando que todos somos diferentes e que isso é a beleza do universo. Lembrando que juntos somos mais fortes. Obrigada Regina, de coração, por esse momento delicioso de cura e partilha.’ ‘The meeting of the past and the present. I was able to put all my own and the dreams of someone else inside a beautiful being. Remembering that we are all different and that this is the beauty of the universe. Remembering that together we are stronger. Heartily thank you Regina for this delicious moment of healing and sharing.’

‘Filling my doll with dreams and a heart was a lovely moment to pause and actively engage in a creative act. I am grateful to have had this opportunity.’

‘I felt I was giving a body to my dreams and that I found the pulse that animates my dreams. I loved the calmness of making the doll.’

‘The experience was incredibly relaxing and stress releasing. I found the process very moving. I found myself shaping and creating this doll made of dreams which made me feel in balance with myself and with the people around me. It was a great experience to converse and be in company with other human beings while creating small human shapes.  The final meditation is a great opportunity to connect personally with the doll and give it a unique identity and blood flow. I learned to craft dolls and sew it, while chatting about the most random topics with people from different cultural backgrounds. This experience made me think, love and smile. Grazie.’

‘This project is the representation of love and we shared hearts and dreams together. It was a truly lovely experience. Thank you.’

‘I loved to make the doll of dreams. Sitting quietly, talking, and listening to very lovely souls, enjoying being together in this magical process. The dolls will bring love and spread love wherever they go. And my doll will be with them all. A community of dolls full of love and dreams. A very beautiful creation and experience. The meditation at the end was so peaceful. Holding the doll, aware of the voices around the room, being in the still centre. Thank you Regina, and the dolls and the dreams.’

‘Thank you for the wonderful experience. You are magic.’

‘Thanks Regina for putting me back in touch with myself. It’s great work you’re doing.’  

‘The experience of making the doll for Regina’s project felt comforting, life affirming and heart warming. A space to forget problems and focus on the dreams you are pouring into the tiny body. I felt very connected to my doll, I will miss her when I give her back but I am glad to see her be part of the project. Thank you so much.’

‘Regina’s warm and curious and calm and grounded and absolutely lovely to be with.’

‘The tears came, slowly at first… this doll, all the dolls, all the people who have helped to make them, all the people who are suffering in the world, and me, and my grief, the grief, these are the tears of the whole fucking world. The doll had given me the opportunity to slow down and simply notice what’s alive inside.’

‘This might have been my favourite part of the conference.’

‘It was therapeutic, the comfortability comes from the way Regina supported and advised me whist making the doll. My favourite part was when we put the heart in, Regina said  ‘you need a good bed of dreams for your heart’, it was instructive and meaningful for me. I needed this workshop.’

‘This is a truly amazing project, a beautiful initiative. I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.’

‘What a touching and wonderful project. I really enjoyed meeting Regina and hearing about her project. Can’t wait to see it in exhibition!’

‘I felt great because I felt free and excited about this project. I loved it and I hope you can keep on with your work.’

‘I think this was good, it was a nice thing to do.’

‘I absolutely love the Dreams and a Heart project. I think it has such a special message showing that although we are all different we all have dreams + a heart and are all connected in that way. It is such a positive idea that I believe it will go worldwide.’

‘A total inspiration, if only we all had dreams and peace. Thank you Regina.’

’Nice peaceful experience.’

‘An amazing experience, journey really, that begins with a simple exercise and ends with an unexpected awareness of what is created, felt and embraced through the mind and soul.’

‘Let the world be at peace all times.’

’An experience that grows on you as you create a body that lives with a heart, and maybe a liver too! A calming and warm session.’

‘I’m hoping this will help people look outward. A great project.’

‘This was an unique experience and a labour of love to make a doll rich with symbolism. It was a fantastic ice breaker in a new community, to take time out of the day to day and to focus on creating, while being gently and lovingly guided by Regina.’

‘Lovely to meet you, your project really warmed my heart.’ 

‘I felt empowered because I created with a group of women a creature with a beating heart! It pumped life into me. Thank you! ‘

‘I’m not keen crafts person so wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, and  in some respects I found the discussion flowed more easily within this group then some of the others. There was a quiet intimacy and Regina’s energy was so lovely to be around.’

‘It takes approx 30 minutes to fill the doll with dreams + a heart. It would take 73 days non stop (24 hours per day) to fill 3500 dolls.’

‘My family lives in Israel. My mum’s mum made me one of these puppets with sticks, playdough, different colours and pen.’

‘I had a lovely time making a doll as part of the Dreams and a Heart project run by a lovely Brazilian lady named Regina. I look forward to seeing the project when it is launched. Lovely kind idea.’

‘It’s enjoyable to fill a doll of yourself. I like the doll me. Thank you.’

‘People often mistake the world they see on TV or in the media as The World. It is not- it is just a tiny particle of reality. There are so many other realities- you get to choose the one that you want to experience.’

‘I think this is an awesome project, bring the community together and it’s very enjoyable. Thank you Regina!’

‘Making the little stuffed person/doll was very relaxing and mindful, and the conversation and sharing we all had was lovely.’

‘This was a very relaxing and spiritual experience. I really enjoyed working with my hands. It allowed me to connect with what I was doing. I am very proud of my doll and I am excited to see him added to the collection.’

‘I really enjoyed my experience and I think this is a great project.’

‘My favourite part was discovering that my doll and my friend’s doll resembled us in a way- she is much taller than I am and our dolls ended up resembling our heights difference.’

‘I did this with my friend and we chose big and small dolls on accident which is just like us. I am the tall and she is the small- cool! ‘

‘It was very relaxing after being stressed all day- a really great way to end a day of work. I really enjoyed the meditation because it made it feel more personal and like I was giving life to the doll.’

‘It was a great and peaceful activity. I love how sustainable this all is since it’s made from used pillows. I loved it!’

‘This is so metaphorical… you decide what everything means as you go along in the process and you discover/uncover new layers of yourself. Thank you Regina.’

‘During the final meditation I felt the pulse in my wrist flowing blood and life through my thumb into the heart of my doll. Thank you for sharing your vision with the community.’

‘It brought me some good memories making dolls with my daughter when she was little. It was very calming. Thank you.’


‘Regina, how wonderful. I love how this project continues to touch peoples lives so deeply!’ 

‘Oh this work. The hearts of so many of us sewn into them and all from the generosity of your own heart.’

‘I really enjoyed being able to have a conversation with Regina that went beyond small talk, while my hands were occupied with the repetitive but therapeutic and productive task of making the doll- the process felt grounding. I’m pleased to be able to be a small part of this lovely project.’

‘Enlightening experience, thank you.’

‘An hour of crafting, bringing people together, a moment of peace in the biggest sense of the word.’

‘What a lovely time, wonderful!’

‘Very calming, loving thing to do.’

‘It feels really special to create something that is part of a bigger whole. A little gesture that will join all the others that were here before.’

‘Lovely to be part of this project and to imagine my doll living in the world. It fostered a sense of camaraderie. Lovely to swap stories with people. After a bad experience I am nervous about closing my eyes in public, but I felt supported to do so by the group.’

‘This session was such delightful refuge. Regina is a wonderful host holding space and facilitating restorative crafts.’

‘I resisted play and making a doll for two days! I feel bad. I need to listen to my heart more and trust.’

‘This practice made me feel like I had permission to slow down, to just be present with myself and people around me. No pressure.’

‘Thank you for helping me put dreams into something, wether it’s a doll, a sentence or just to feel my pulse.’

‘I did my meditation by the BAC beating heart. I will give some more dreams to Regina to use. I found that my doll had a thread ‘vein’ which matched my vein.’

‘Thank you again for providing an oasis of love, calm, heart and dreams at the transformational time of the full moon.’

‘It is a privilege to create another doll.’

‘My deep thanks to Regina for her Dreams and a Heart project – which, for what seems like many years, has created space and time at D&D for reflection and contemplation. A truly special project.’

‘I honestly think your project is so special. I am glad to be helping in this tiny way, as I think it is so important.’ 

‘I loose my heart easily, as well as my mind. I like to put my heart into things I do.’

‘Someone somewhere is being helped right now and doesn’t even know about it.’

‘My third doll. Joyful and magical as always. Thank you Regina!’


‘It’s not me who thinks my doll is pretty, he told me.’

‘You put dreams in the sun, I put everything in the moon’.

‘Perfect in my own way.’

‘Our hearts are always together.’


‘Now I have made a doll that will be one in 8 billion. Hope it goes to someone who will be happy. ’

‘These are dolls for the world’s children to look after each other.’

‘This project is super cool.’

‘Cozy, peaceful session with good talks about love, life and dreams.’

‘Creating a doll is very fulfilling. As a theatre maker, we are used to the work having no material trace. But this doll… you can touch it!’

‘Here is the corner of making.’  

‘It was a very peaceful meditative experience that formed my background conversation on non- binary experience, as someone who enjoys creating it was fun to help create a doll as part of the project.’ 

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ Laozi Tao Te Ching. Regina is making eight billion dolls, she has made almost three thousand, three thousand steps.’ 

‘It’s a very original ideia. I hope the dolls will be a source of sweet dreams.’ 

‘The process of sewing, then filling the doll with pure life and love, there’s   a magic in it. I can’t explain.’ 

‘You don’t only feel the heart in your wrist but also in the finger that touches the doll’s heart as if the doll is receiving a heartbeat through you. It really comes to life.’ 

‘It is every time a pleasure to make a doll. Not the first doll I made and it won’t be the last. I like the project very much and I hope it will become a success.’ 

‘Inner peace.’ 

‘It’s amazing how calm and concentrated one gets to create your own doll. It’s a wonderful project.’ 

‘Creating such a pure being without reading glasses, I even threaded the needle… Wishing the figure a good future.’ 

‘A wonderful thought that connects. There’s something reassuring about stuffing the doll.’ 

‘Totally new experience. It’s nice that despite the English language we could understand pretty much everything. Beautiful we could be part of this dream and contributed to the community and perhaps for peace.’ 

‘The sewing of the doll followed by meditation, filling the doll with dreams.  A magic moment when our dolls stand and support each other.’ 

‘Making my doll gave me an opportunity to think about my dreams and where they live in my body. And to appreciate my heart during the meditation – to give thanks. I am very grateful for this experience Regina. Thank you.’

‘It gave me a place to rest and reflect. Allowed me time to examine my hopes and dreams and it was wonderful to make time and space for that. Thank you.’ 

‘It was such a nice and safe space to just sit and stuff a doll. I started during one of the first sessions and ended in the last. It was a great way to process some of the things discussed as well as contribute to a bigger project built on dreams.’ 

‘I found making the doll so unexpected and  soothing and I carried on making it through the day in different sessions, which was calming. Lovely to create something this day.’ 

‘A little white doll. I made a doll in grey room. Its heart stuffed in a bag of wool. I made a doll of string and bone. A doll that called me home home. I made a doll and so did you. 8 billion dolls – so much to do!’

‘The doll made me think about my heart, le coeur, my emotional state. It’s under pressure but it is strong.’ 

‘My wound is healed.’ 

‘I came to talk about theatre and ended up making a doll with Regina. My doll transitioned from male to female. He was he and then he got quite an ample bosom so before I gave him a heart he became a she. He has a red stitch where his penis was magically removed. She is called she not they. She has a heart that is full of gratitude. She loves to know her man inside. He is still there inside. She is two. They smile together the he and she. Her name is Nina. She will make lots of friends now that she has become. She will have good health. She already has a history. Nina needed surgery because her brains were popping out of her neck. She didn’t mind, it didn’t hurt, but it’s better for her ideas to come out of her mouth, not from her neck. I gave her a good sewing up. And sewed up her inside leg. She is a very happy doll. Regina says she is the first doll (out of many thousands) to transition. She does not reject her ‘he’ he is in her sense of humour he adores her. All parts of her, all her dreams (she is full of dreams) are welcome in the world. Like Regina who is the master doll maker has warmth that seeps into all her dolls. She is their blood. She gives them life.’ 

‘I put my heart into the doll and kept it safe there.’ 

‘I really enjoyed this doll making experience, I found it very cathartic and relaxing to focus on one simple creative task. It was wonderful to meet Regina and be involved in this beautiful project and connecting with others.’ 

‘A beautiful way to think about our hearts and dreams and the 8 billion other hearts and dreams all around us. ( I particularly love the heartbeat meditation at the end).’ 

‘I found it very soothing – there’s something comforting about the repetitive nature of creating the doll, and the result is lovely. I especially enjoyed zeroing in on my pulse. I can’t wait to see the final result.’ 


‘Feet must be full of dreams’ 

‘It was a magical moment, giving life and filling that little one with dreams… Filling it seemed easy but no… I’m glad we were together, in a circle, as if we were by the fire… Telling stories, laughing, singing. .. A circle of women sharing their pearls… A spontaneous and fleeting moment… Giving pulse to the dream… The thought came: fly, fly little bird! Get out of my hand and go to the world! And how beautiful it is to put all of them together standing up! Dreams the color of bones and skin, they could only stand up because they were together… What a beautiful inspiration.’

‘Filling a rag doll with dreams and putting a heart in it is a way of reminding us that we are made of dreams, that we have a heart that beats, that together we stand supporting each other and that we can have a voice in the world, on the five continents that will receive these dolls. It was a unique and very special experience. Thank you Regina for the opportunity to be part of this dream.’

‘A rich experience, we think and send positive energy to others.’

‘Thanks for allowing us to see what the poet foretold : we are such stuff as dreams are made on’ 

It was a beautiful experience, being so in the present, concentrated in the puppet in my hand but at the smae time being in the future, hand by hand with the person who will play with it. Being present to build the future.’

‘Immersive and rewarding experience.’

‘Bless you!’

‘I was happy to share this moment, to meet different people. The mentor is a super polite, kind person with strong energy, she allowed us to be relaxed in our dreams that I even actually slept. I sang a song ‘…you didn’t want to dream the dream I dreamt…’ I had a wonderful afternoon.’ 

‘I arrived here as one person and left here as another. I leave this unique experience very invigorated due to the exchange of energy in the group and the meditation that transports us to another source of pleasure and good living. An incredible idea! I loved it!’ 

‘It was the first time I participated in something so innovative. I hope that the doll I made received all my love and a lot of positive energy. Thank you for the invitation. The moment of socialization was very good.’ 

Playful activity in which there was a lot of pleasant interaction with friends.’ 

I felt integrated with the group and I believe that these dolls will bring joy and integration wherever they are made. They can provide peace and union of people and the end of wars.’ 

‘This experience was a feeling of belonging to the whole of which we are part. We are all connected by the energies that circulate on the planet.’ 

I had a very good feeling as if my heart was beating in the doll. I felt a lot of peace, an incomparable feeling like I hadn’t felt before, it was a great feeling. It was a privilege to be here.’ 

‘The experience brings a lot of peace and tranquility, it is a type of cleansing of the soul.’ 

It was a new experience. I don’t like doing manual work. I always liked to renew the house – painting walls, doors, windows, railings. For the first time I managed to do work like this, a dream doll. Thanks for the opportunity.’ 

It was a pleasant moment with the group. I assembled the doll and passed joy and energy to its heart. I enjoyed helping people to assemble their dolls.’ 

For the first time I filled a rag doll called a dream doll. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I did it easily. I felt happier and fulfilled, it was a wonderful sensation. I realised I am capable of doing anything, I just need to want it and put it into practice.’

‘In the meditation I transferred good energy of love, health and joy for the doll and for whoever picks it up.’ 

A different afternoon bringing friends together and making a doll where we leave a little bit of ourselves to travel the world. I am grateful for the opportunity.’ 

Beneficial meeting for us individually, for the group and for all living beings on our planet.’ 

I’m happy to have organised the doll’s workshop and sew them. How many dreams fit into these little dolls! What a joy to see them standing and supporting each other just as we do in life. It was wonderful to see people helping each other in their difficulties. It’s very gratifying to know that my doll will brighten someone’s life. Thank you Regina for awakening so much emotion and energy this afternoon here in the city I chose to live in. Congratulations on the project. Now there are representatives from Campinas.’ 

‘Making the doll was a good feeling of calm and relaxation.’

The experience of making dream dolls with friends was very enjoyable.’

‘It was a moment of relaxation. Through this doll, my joy will arrive in someone’s hands, it has a little bit of me, my affection and satisfaction in making it.’ 

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience this unique moment, an extraordinary peace.’ 

‘I felt very far away, like I was flying, relaxed and free. Within each one of us has something special – to be happy. I loved the experience, it’s a work worth living, thank you!’ 

‘Lots of interaction between people and lots of help between each other.’ 

There is always room for a little more dreams.’

‘I enjoyed filling my doll with dreams sitting down and having uncomplicated honest conversations with people. I wish my doll well. It was a lovely experience to sit down with.’

‘A firm figure, so stuffed

that the red thread snaps at the hip.

My skirt button pops off

as I sit to make the final snip.’

‘A very relaxing and fulfilling experience. Making my doll at d&d made my day because was something out of the ordinary. I extremely enjoyed my day with dreams and a heart. The doll I made had only a couple of breaks that were easy to fix and made my doll is unique.’

I am very happy to bring you one doll closer to 3000. Thank you for a peaceful hour and lovely conversation.’

‘My doll today embodies my dreams for my daughter who is having a difficult time at the moment. My heart to her heart, my dreams to her dreams. Thank you.’

‘A beautiful mindful moment of focus and reflection. Creating something bigger than the sum of its parts.’

That was so darn relaxing.’

‘Putting dreams into my feet and hands, brain and heart. Allowing me to roam free and keep running and exploring for ideas I long for a better world. A dream land.’

‘It was magical! To be focused, to be creative, to be quiet, to have a heart, to be absorbed, to be, to just be…Thank you!’

‘So many dreams packed into a small body. A heart obscured by dreamstuff. Return to the pulse.’

‘There is a lot of space inside us for a lot of dreams. Our hearts connect to the pulse of the universe around us. It’s easy to get a little saggy at the seams but tender energies can reaps, renew and strengthen us. This is what I ‘learnt’ today with my dreams and a heart doll. Ps I also learned that ‘learnt’ can be spelt ‘ learned’ – and ‘spelt’ can be spelled ‘ spelled’ or ‘spelt’. lol .’

‘My second doll has silky skin, firm yet yielding arms, a defined waist, a distinct left thumb, a big right toe, several stitches under the left arm, a squiggle under the right shoulder blade, neat white stitching up the left inner thigh, a heart that beats with wings of butterflies and the buzz of bees.’

‘A lovely contemplative experience with interesting thoughts and conversations. I’ve put a little part of me out into the world.’

It was a beautiful experience. Namaste.’

‘Thank you little doll for carrying these dreams with you. I know they are in a special place with you. I am grateful for the small part I have had in your making.’

‘I loved the relaxing feeling of slowly making the doll. This has really made my day.’

 ‘I love your work, you are an oasis in a crazy world!’ 

‘I really loved creating the doll. Very special to connect to my theatrical dreams and heartbeat through the doll making in a theatre. Feels very fizzy.’

‘I just forgot to add a heart to my doll, it was very sturdy but had no feelings – and I thought that was a nice metaphor for how we humans can be sometimes. Fortunately Regina helped me to fix the doll. I loved the whole experience.’