Each piece of stuffing represents a dream and each of them has a different shape as we have different dreams. Each doll is stuffed with many dreams.

The dreams we stuff the dolls with are the dreams we have when we sleep. We need to sleep and dream. A massive amount of people suffers from sleeping problems, maybe as many as 20% of the world population.

There was a moment when I ran out of pillows. A friend suggested that I cheat the project and buy a new pillow. At that moment, to convince myself that I was doing the right thing I told myself that the stuffing of the new pillow would represent future dreams. I liked the idea. However when I was choosing the pillow in the supermarket I felt it just wasn’t right. They were not ‘alive’ pillows yet. I gave up this idea and continue asking friends to give me their old pillows. The future dreams are in the old pillows, dreamt by all of us. I felt relieved that I didn’t cheat the project.

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700 dolls sponsorship

This is the social dimension of the project. Through this page you can sponsor a doll and everything you donate will go directly to a charity called Plan.

I’ve just set up a JustGiving page


where you can sponsor a doll for at least £2 each.

If you prefer you can sponsor a doll by JustTextGiving with a simple text message. Text the six digit code below and the amount you’d like to donate ( £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 ) to 70070. For example if you wanted to donate £1

text DOLL58 £1 to the phone number 70070.

When you visit Plan’s website you will notice that their logo is a simple child shape like the shape of the dolls and, can you believe that the JustTextGiving telephone number is 70070? Such amazing coincidences make me think we were meant to be linked together!

This charity pioneered child sponsorship 75 years ago and today over 100 000 people in the UK sponsor a child through them. Plan works with children, their communities and they work in 50 countries world wide including Asia, Africa, Central and South America. You can visit their website www.plan-uk.org to understand the amazing work they are doing .

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

I hope the doll sponsorship will also inspire you to participate.


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Pin (if necessary) the two layers of fabric together and cut out the doll shapes

Sew round edges with red thread. Leave an opening of around 3cm preferably on the inside of one leg to insert the stufng

Turn inside out

Insert the stuffing and the heart and finish the sew


cloud stuffing

Alice people


Flower fan people












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Who I am

I am a body filled with dreams and a heart just like all of us. I am also a mother and an artist. I had never dreamt of making dolls. This project is a calling which I follow patiently. I have almost completed the first community of 700 dolls. I invite you to help me with the next 700.

I close my eyes, sleep and dream. I see the world. I know that 700 dolls will help to bring peace to 7 billion people.

Regina Mendes is a psychologist specializing in child therapy, an astrologer, a dance theatre director, a performer, a visual artist and a doll maker.

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Thank you!

I would like to thank so much all the people who has helped the project so far.

They make dolls
Ana from Brazil
Annalisa from Italy
Angela from England
Barbara from Hungary
Carmelita from Portugal
Caroline from England
Claudia from Brazil
Cynthia from Holland
Heidi from Denmark
Inita from Latvia
Jacy from Brazil
Jasmin from Turkey
Juliette from France
Mari from Spain
Nicola from England
Olivia from Brazil
Rosalba from Italy
Saori from Japan
Tabada from Brazil
Vera from Brazil
They are supporters
Alan from England
Alice from England
Arabella from England
Becky from England
Chris from England
Ellis from England
Elspeth from Scotland
Jennifer from England
Kath from England
Lee from England
Lewis from England
Neca from Brazil
Oliver from Hungary
Patricia from Brazil
Pippa from Australia
Phelim from England
Sarah from England
Susie from Italy
Victor from England
Victoria from England


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What will happen?

We are going to show them as an art installation so people can see all of them together. It will include performances and people will be able to help to make the dolls.

After that we will decide to which continent they are going to be sent. They could be invited  to all kinds of places including schools, hospitals, occupational therapy clinics etc.

At this point the people who receive the 700 dolls will decide what they are going to do with them. They can decide for example their gender, paint and dress them, give them a face and hair or they can just keep them in their simple form.


This is an artistic project and at the same time a healing process.

After that we will start our second collection of 700 dolls. We will keep making them until  they have been sent to each continent.

It would be amazing if at some point in the future there were to be one doll  representing you, me and each one of us on this planet!

Shall we make it happen?

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