Making a doll

Do you want to help us?  You are very welcome

Making a doll 

If you want to help with making dolls please follow the steps below.

You can send me a message on the ‘contact us’ page if you need to clarify something.

Please let us know when your dolls are ready so we can collect them.

What you will need 

  1. A sheet of A4 paper
  2. Scissors
  3. Pen
  4. Any white or light cream fabric preferably cotton. Could be from old clothes.
  5. Pins ( if necessary)
  6. Tacking (basting) thread (if necessary).
  7. Needle
  8. Red thread
  9. Any reddish fabric preferably cotton.
  10. Stuffing from an old pillow .

How to make the doll

  1. Download and print the doll pattern and cut it out.
  2. Draw round the pattern on a doubled piece of fabric.
  3. Pin (if necessary) the two layers of fabric together and cut out the doll shapes.
  4. Sew the two shapes together with large tacking (basting) stitches, just to hold the doubled fabric together (if necessary).
  5. Sew round edges with red thread. Leave an opening of around 3cm preferably on the inside of one leg to insert the stuffing.
  6. Turn inside out. You will need the help of something long and thin – perhaps your pen
  7. Insert the stuffing.It is best to start with the head and arms and to push the stuffing to the ends so they will be firm.
  8. Cut the reddish fabric into a circle with 1 cm diameter and insert this not broken heart into the doll. It can assume a diferent shape because it is difficult for it to remain round when we insert it. This is perfectly fine.
  9. Sew up the opening by hand.
  10. The doll is ready. It is full of dreams and with a not broken heart. The time, energy and love we spend in making each doll will inspire our generous dreams to come true in the real world.

Download (PDF): dreamsandaheart_doll_pattern