Mäster Olofsgården, Stockholm, Sweden 

It was a fantastic experience to make dolls  at Mäster Olofsgården community centre in Stockholm old city. It is a pleasant calm space with lots of activities that welcomes everyone with an opened heart. 

The makers were Elizabeth and Carola. We shared our lives experiences and lots of laughs. Elizabeth was born in the old city and invited me to a tour throughout the areas and stories of her childhood. Could I find a better guide?

Another day we made dolls with Adin who received me in her flat, we made two dolls. We also shared our experiences and were amazed by the similarities of them. 

We made 14 dolls in total.

‘Now I have made a doll that will be one in 8 billion. Hope it goes to someone who will be happy. ’ 

‘These are dolls for the world’s children to look after each other.’

‘This project is super cool.’ 

‘Cozy, peaceful session with good talks about love, life and dreams.’ 

I felt so blessed to know MO and their people and to meet Adin. I can’t wait to return.

Thank you very much for these lovely days together. Hope to see you all soon. 

Happy new website!

We lost our website in the middle of pandemic. 

The previous website had an unique layout created by Oliver, we couldn’t recover it. 

Luckily we haven’t lost most of the content, over ten years of posts, some photos are missing though. 

A huge thank you for Miranda and Ali who helped created this new website which was published on Easter 2023. 

Monte Estoril, Portugal

Here we are in beautiful Monte Estoril.

Grazi, Pedro, Nina e Mabel came to the session.

Grazi donated her dreams. They were sunbathing for two days before we worked with them. 

We made five dolls, we chat and meditate.

‘It’s not me who thinks my doll is pretty, he told me.’

You put dreams in the sun, I put everything in the moon.’

Perfect in my own way.’

Our hearts are always together.’

It was a real joy to make dolls with you all, thank you so much!

This is our first workshop after pandemic.

I am over the moon!


‘Improvisation happens when we do whatever we want to do to take care of ourselves, to take care of others, and to take care of the planet. And improvisation is free, it is for everyone and it is anywhere, it is love basically.’

I attended GII Global Improvisation Initiative event online in June 2021.

I was very inspired by everybody. I slept. I woke up with these lines in my head.

Wellcome Collection, London UK

Natalie, Anna and I spent an afternoon together making full moon necklaces at Wellcome Collection two months ago, just before the lockdown.

I calculated how many full moons they have lived so far. They cut all of them and added them to a golden thread to remind us the sun.

We shared lots of things, including our stories with our mothers, our role as a mother, a very much lunar subject that came up spontaneously.

Hope you all are well and can enjoy the beautiful full moon that is happening today. Some consider it to be the most powerful full moon of the year. It is also known as flower moon.

I like virtual people but I prefer the real ones even more, missing them.

Much health and love to all!


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Once upon a time …

Once upon a time there was a wonderful blue planet turning around the sun. 

It took thousands years for one of the species that lived on this beautiful planet, called humans, to learn how to love and respect themselves as much as everything else that surrounded them. 

They learned it and they lived happily ever after. 


Consciousness does not die  

It is the bridge between dark and light

An insight

We die 

Consciousness does not

We become the bridge

Omnibus Theatre, London UK

Middle of March we met at Omnibus Theatre for two evenings, 6 to 10pm,  and an afternoon that finished also in the evening at 9pm.

Lauriane, Nicolás, Nelson, Camilla, Calia, Stacey and Sue joined us. We made 7 news dolls and I finished quite a few dolls from previous events.

‘Someone somewhere is being helped right now and doesn’t even know about it.’

‘My third doll. Joyful and magical as always. Thank you Regina!’

It was our last event before social distancing due to coronavirus. Omnibus, as well all other venues, closed their doors and we began our new routine in our homes.

I feel this situation is an extreme wake up call. Nature wants to be healthy. We are Nature. We will invest all our work in loving care in all levels, to ourselves and everything else that surround us. We Nature will be healed.

Thank you so much dearest Omnibus team for all your support and a huge thank you for all the makers, we truly had a wonderful time together.

We will hug again soon!