Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Last evening we went to the first InPractice event of the year at Royal Academy.

Artists who face all kinds of difficulties come together to share their artwork and life stories.

We started to make dolls at the break between sessions. June and I made one doll each.

It is very inspiring to witness the life and work of artists living under difficult conditions such as mental and/or physical disabilities. It’s a burst of encouragement for all of us and deserved recognition of their amazing achievements.

Thank you so much to InPractice team, and thank you for all artists for sharing their work/life with all of us.


Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

We went to RA InPractice yesterday.

I love to arrive at RA and see our corner already set for doll making, a round circle of chairs waiting for us … love it!

The evening was shorter with only four artists presenting their works, usually there are eight of them. I quite liked it, it was nice to receive less amount of different information in the same evening.

The makers were Paula, Satoko and Elizabeth. We made four dolls. I sewed their legs and Elizabeth will finish hers next time.

Thank you so much Sarah for inviting us and being such a great host, thank you for makers and artists, it is always a privilege to be part of this inspiring event.

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Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

Last Friday we went to another InPractice event at Royal Academy of Arts in London.

All the artists were fantastic! It was great to see them sharing their work and talking about their artistic processes.

I was specially inspired by the experience of a trans artist. Her work shows many phases of the process since the early days when she became aware of who she was, going thorough her decision to transitioning, the surgery and the experience of recent years as a trans woman. She was so honest and keen to clarify many misunderstandings about gender dysphoria. All the struggle, pain and accomplishment expressed in her art, amazing!

It was also great to follow the experience of an artist who had a stroke that limited him a lot physically. His work is really funny, made us laugh, he showed amazing positivity and sense of humour despite his painful condition.

The makers were Matty, Julia, Vera, Nina and Anahita. We made 5 dolls, I’ll finish them all at home.

‘It made me feel useful. It made me feel calm.’

Thank you so much Molly and Sarah for inviting us, it is always wonderful to attend InPractice


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Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

We spend another wonderful time at RA InPractice last evening. 

John, Devon, Calliope, Sophie and Joanna joined us and we made 5 dolls. 

They told me they prefer to do something while they pay attention to the presentations so they felt it was great to be invited to make dolls. 

It was the best evening so far in terms of holding the space, it seems I am more aware of the best moments to help them during the process keeping us in silence.  

‘Very powerful holding the pulse. I liked my figure with its weird little legs, thank you.’  

‘Wonderful idea, it captured the essence of humanity. Relaxing and at times frustrating, but throughly enjoyable.’

‘What a wonderful tactile experience. So meaningful the process.’

‘Stuffed my dreams away. Now I feel like I should follow them.’ 

It was lovely to make dolls with all the makers and, as always, it was so inspiring to witness the artists sharing their work. It is an incredible event we are so happy to be part of, thank you! 

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Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

Last Friday we were back to RA InPractice. 

Lawrence, Tina and someone I forgot the name, they joined me, we made four dolls while listening to the artists’ presentation. We started at the break and continued till the end of the event. 

One of the artists told me he loves this event, he feels it so uplifting, it make him realise that we are also great artists not only the ones over there –  he pointed the Royal Academy main collection.

‘My doll has a lot of love to give…’

‘My doll and I loved connecting together with the meditation, look into his eye, maybe you can share a moment.’

Molly told me ‘do you know when you don’t know you were missing something?’ Then she told me that it’s great to have Dreams and a Heart in the room.

Ohhh Molly, she is such special opened heart woman, thank you so much Molly for giving us this opportunity and for your generous words, you are amazing, thank you! 

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Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Yesterday nine amazing artists were gathered at Royal Academy of Arts at InPractice event to share their life experiences of mental and physical illnesses, including serious conditions. In this sad scenario some of them were absolutely hilarious when sharing their art work, we had lots of fun!! 

We made dolls with Suzanne, Charlie and Chantelle during the break and continue till the end of the event. Katie joined us at the end so we moved to another room where we finished the process. We left RA at 10pm when it closed. We made five dolls. 

One of the makers had an intense experience tonight.

‘I feel I should have been told what would happen to the doll I made before I made it.  When it was taken from me it was like I was being taken away from me. It did not feel good. Had I known it was to help others I would be mentally prepared + been able to pour different personal feelings into the dolls for others. It left me feeling anxious. Though the actual process is powerful and loving one.’ 

In these five years this was the first time this happened. It is a deep experience but usually people deal more easily with letting the doll go away. For now on I will make sure that people are aware that I’ll keep the dolls they are making. I promised her I would take great care of her doll and would give it back to her in the future if she still feels anxious. 

Another maker wrote this metaphor, it actually applies to me as well. 

‘I almost lost my heart in the dreams.’

Thank you so much Moly to organise this incredible event, it is an amazing opportunity to learn and be inspired by other artists. I love being at RA.


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RA, London, UK

Dreams and a Heart will be back at Royal Academy of Arts on Friday night for In Practice – one of our favourite places to hang out, listen, learn and meditate. It’s free, no booking required, and a really lovely evening – come along!…/inpractice-access-communi…

At this event we invite disabled artists and creative people facing barriers accessing the art world to share their practice with others.


Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Friday 1st June we went to InPractice at RA, an event where creative people facing barriers accessing the art world share their practice with others.

We were honoured to be one of the first groups to inaugurate the brand new Clore Learning Centre in the new refurbished building of RA.  

The artists presentation were very inspiring, it gives us hope to keep going wherever struggle we are facing in life, they give us such amazing example of positivity, it is a bliss to be with them and share our experiences. 

It was a very busy evening with many people interested to make dolls while we were listening to the artist’s talks. Toria, Sarah, Nicola, Juliet, Nora, Dina, Keith, Janny, Silvia, Sylvie, Juliette, Elys, Barbara, Maria, Tom, Eliz came, we made 16 dolls, 3 of them I finished off at home and most of them I sewed the legs.  

Some comments:

‘Making a body full and firm, then locating the heart, made me think of all the dreams we have that make us what we are. Brilliant.’

‘I shall miss my doll. I feel we could have been very good friends.’

‘I loved making my joyful dream-doll. Thank you.’ 

‘It might be like the doll of the story ‘Vasilisa the Beautiful’, the doll that helps in all sorrows, and it works.’

I love to receive people in the group, they arrive at different times, they are at different moments of the process with different needs, I take care of every doll so they don’t get lost, and when it becomes a bit calmer I take some photos and sometimes I remember to ask them to write down their comments about their experience… I love that buzz!

Thank you Molly for organising this amazing event, it is such a privilege to join the group, thank you.

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The Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

I felt very emotional after ’In Practice’ at Royal Academy of Arts last Friday in London.

We were at the same room Darwin launched The origin of Species in 1858, omg, in that small room!!!

Molly, who organised the event, introduced the dolls for everybody right at the beginning. She explained I would be making dolls throughout the event and anyone could join me.

She said ‘Regina woke up beginning of 2011 with the whole idea of making one doll for each one of us on earth and since 2013 she has been making them regularly herself and with others. She feels each doll filled with dreams, a heart and completed with a meditation, makes someone somewhere feels good and happier, it gives people courage to live their best selves’

Yes, I wrote to her these lines but it had a profound effect on me when I listened her saying it for everybody.

I am relieved to present the project exactly what it is – one doll for each one of us on earth. That is it. It was always it. Five communities of 700 is just the first chapter of the project.

Three people joined me to make dolls – Jeanette, Kirsty and Rachel – and we, including Sarah, made 8 dolls. They all loved their experience. At the end of the event they gave me big hugs, I was literally lifted up by one of the hugs, they were so happy to help the project!

We were making dolls inspired by the experience of artists facing barriers accessing the art world.

I was reminded, by two artists, moments I had with my daughter’s dad ages ago. Keith and Bridget work together in the same canvas. ‘We’ve been there‘ is the name of their work and it reminded me when I painted on the same canvas, exactly like they do, with him. I am grateful that their work reminded me these forgotten moments. I can say ‘I’ve been there’ and it was good.

I was deeply moved during the evening in many different ways, I still am.

It was a special evening for DH project, for me personally and for all the artists, an absolutely amazing evening.

Thank you so much Sarah and Molly, these two incredible women I am blessed to know, thank you!





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