Wellcome Collection, London UK

Natalie, Anna and I spent an afternoon together making full moon necklaces at Wellcome Collection two months ago, just before the lockdown.

I calculated how many full moons they have lived so far. They cut all of them and added them to a golden thread to remind us the sun.

We shared lots of things, including our stories with our mothers, our role as a mother, a very much lunar subject that came up spontaneously.

Hope you all are well and can enjoy the beautiful full moon that is happening today. Some consider it to be the most powerful full moon of the year. It is also known as flower moon.

I like virtual people but I prefer the real ones even more, missing them.

Much health and love to all!


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Battersea Arts Centre, London UK

Yesterday we celebrated the Sunday’s full moon making full moon necklaces at BAC.

It was the second time we made full moon necklaces at BAC. First time was in 2014 when I introduced the project at a D&D event.

We worked on four full moons necklaces with Suzanne, Natalie, Karri and Kei.

The youngest maker completed hers with 315 full moons. I’ll meet the other makers soon to complete their necklaces – 676, 449 and 514 full moons.

We always thread them with a golden thread to remind us the sun.


Full moon and paintings inspired by the dolls

The moon was approaching me through my paintings as well.

I didn’t notice while I was painting them almost two years ago.

When I cut papers to make full moons and place them over each other, they remind us my paintings inspired by the dolls.

It was all there. I can see now.


Sleep quality and the moon

The project is magically related with the full moon. When it was born I had lived 700 full moons cycles in my life. Without knowing it I decided to create five communities of 700 dolls.

The project is also magically related to the moon as we work with sleep and dreams.

Recently scientists have done experiments to find out the relationship between the full moon and our sleep quality. A July 2013 study carried out at the University of Basel in Switzerland presented evidence that a lunar rhythm can modulate our sleep structure. They say: ‘The lunar cycle seems to influence human sleep, even when one does not ‘see’ the moon and is not aware of the actual moon phase.’

Moon and sleep and dreams and tides and water and emotions… all connected.

The full moon was approaching…


When we finished our workshop on 16th March in Brazil, we celebrated Sunday full moon gathering our dolls in a circle.

When I arrived home I spent a long time looking at and photographing the moon.

The full moon was approaching my counsciousnes at this moment.

Its connection with the project would be revealed to me a month later.

Yes, I am amazed!


Full moon March 2014 Brazil

You can see the post Bonecos Sonhos Coração on Workshop page.

700 Full Moons

I want to share something extraordinary I discovered around a month ago.

You will read on home page that I decided to make five communities of 700 dolls as a first step of the project. What I discovered is that the morning I woke up with the project idea entirely in my head I had lived 700 full moons cycle in my life. Can you believe it?

In the workshop led last March I mentioned the full moon. It seems to me that the full moon was slowly coming into play revealing its full poetic and magical world…

700 Full Moons… amazing!