Pure science-art

12weeks Scan_Li-E Chen

Li’s baby,

the precious picture of my exhibition



‘I could connect to your dolls and feel really grateful to have my baby’s photo to be part of your exhibition. It is so wonderful. I feel your work bring people connecting to the universe much closer, like the moons’

We are all connected in the spine

It is all about energy, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy. This energy is personal as much as it is collective and I think the name of this energy is love. The more we are able to open our hearts this love energy can easier circulate to release and heal our bodies.

Can you believe that the cervical spine is made up of the first seven vertebrae in the spine?

7, 700, 7000…7 billion!

I can’t even tell you how much I am learning with my dolls.

At this moment they are telling me that we are all connected in the spine.

I love them!

I love you!

Our spine and the dolls

It is beautiful how the dolls all together remind us our vertebrae, this solid but flexible structure that sustains our body. I love the way the work is developing. At this moment I am learning that we are connected like vertebrae.

We know that our spine communicates all the informations from our brain to the entire body, physiologically speaking. In psychological terms our back carries the unconscious life which can be full of emotions from our past including our ancestry. Eastern traditions say that our spine is the energetic pathway which links the divine with the material world.

I feel that humankind is suffering of terrible back pain, perhaps we insist to live disconnected from each other, from our ancestors and from our spiritual nature. Each vertebra-doll has a heart which will help us to relief our back pain and to learn to be in peace with the unseen world. Let’s make more and more dolls!



My first vision was to make dolls in our bone’s colour.

Now I place them queuing and they remind us vertebrae.

It is amazing how it was all there since the very beginning.

I took this photo in June 2014.