The magical 7

When I said that I payed £7 each book I did simple maths

£350 : 50 = £7.

I’ve just realised that when I do the ‘complicated’ maths

354.95 : 50 = £7.099

and you do

7+9+9 = 25


2+5 = 7

Can you believe it?

7 is definitely present in the project again in the little books.


Dreams and a Heart first picture book

This month I released the first picture book of the series Dreams and a Heart.

It is a limited edition of 50 books. It tells the story related to the beginning of the project back in 2011.

Rica Ramos brought to life the images I had in my mind through a computer program. We shared screen throughout the process. He is in Brazil and I am in London. I was impressed how we can play with the images in a way physical drawing/painting doesn’t allow us to do. Rica has experience with this program but it was the first time he worked in a picture book.

The images capture some of the elements and environment in real life which were present at the moment the project was born.

If you are interested to buy a copy of this limited edition, message me and I’ll post it for you.

I payed £7 each copy. You can pay what you decide. If you pay more than £7 you will help the project keep going, thank you!

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