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Exhibition by Regina Mendes

Exhibition by Regina Mendes

Regina Mendes a visual artist, a theatre director, an actor, a psychologist specializing in child therapy and a doll maker. In visual arts she has been exhibiting her art work in many places since 2002 including the Brazilian British Centre. She has created a project called ‘Atelier Enchanted Knitting Wool’ which, during four years, developed works with middle class children which were exhibited and delivered to a community of poor children. The paintings and photos of this exhibition are inspired by the dolls project which also has a social dimension, you can sponsor a doll and everything you donate will go directly to the charity called ‘Plan’ JUSTGIVING.COM/DREAMSANDAHEART

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From: 16/06/2015
Until: 13/07/2015


Mondays 9am to 5pm
Tuesday to Friday 9am to 6pm
Weekends 10am to 5pm



7A Tetherdown, Muswell Hill
N10 1ND

Pure science-art

Pure science-art

12weeks Scan_Li-E Chen

Li’s baby,

the precious picture of my exhibition


I am amazed, again.



‘I could connect to your dolls and feel really grateful to have my baby’s photo to be part of your exhibition. It is so wonderful. I feel your work bring people connecting to the universe much closer, like the moons’

Paintings inspired by the dolls




This is one of the first paintings of this series inspired by the dolls. I painted them in January and February 2013 when I started  making dolls more regularly. In March 2013 I started the series ‘Threads’ which I have been developing up to this moment.

These paintings reminds us bones, stones, teeth, eggs, light… all of them pen on paper.

The moon was approaching me through my paintings as well, some of them it appears almost full. The other way around is also true, when I cut the papers to make the full moons and place them over each other, they bring me my paintings. You can see it on the Full Moons page.

Recently, almost two years later, I realised that when the dolls are queuing they look like our back bones, our vertebrae. The last painting of this series shows a sequence that reminds us vertebrae as well.

I am following the process and I am amazed with all the connections.