Theatre Delicatessen, London UK

We spent last Monday and Tuesday at Theatre Delicatessen in London on a brilliant residency facilitated by Jennifer Toksvig.

I am delighted to tell you – the dolls will have their own library! They fell in love with Jen’s Personal Fairy Tale Library with beautiful hand made books. They asked me to give them a library as well, with beautiful books they could understand. I don’t know if they can read so there will be only images on the books. I guess while we are building their library we will find out the best way to communicate with them. I promised that each one of them will have their own book so there is a lot of work to do. Each book has a magic precious stone on the cover page.

The official launch:

‘ The Magician’s Library

The catalogue of the Library of the World Magic League.

Published for the World Magic League by J&R.’

The first paragraph of the Introduction says

‘ When the World Magic League was founded in 2017, prominent among its objects was the formation of a Magic Library, available for use by its members, the dolls.’

I copied these words from The Player’s Library, the only book which happened to be on the table I was seated making dolls.

I made 7 dolls, we were 7 people including a 7 months old baby who has a 7 years old sister.

The magic number 7 accompanied us in our journey again.

The photos show the first books which I made, the first book with a loving heart drawn by Jen, the first draft of the Library architecture and the first shelf.

Theatre Delicatessen is based in an old Library!

We love you Jen.