Category: Angels

  • Evolution

      Fish – Butterflies – Humans – Angels  

  • The intermediate stage

    From the Human (‘here’) to the Angel (‘up there’) passing through the intermediate stage (‘here – there – everywhere’).  

  • Angels and strangers

    I was looking for angels online and I found ’Forget not to show love unto strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares’

  • Angels signals

    I want to share with you some of the several signals I had in the last months. I didn’t know what to do with these signals, it took me ages to realise I was supposed to make angels. I’ve been more and more aware of my shoulders blades since I started to swim more regularly […]

  • An angel hand

    Dancing my thoughts. I guess I am starting my solo. I felt it was another hand. An angel hand on my head. I guess it is a healing dance promise. When I dance there is peace.