The sound of our heartbeat

Yesterday I asked ‘How would you write down the sound of your heartbeat?’ to opera singers, composers, conductors, directors, people who have sounds at the heart of their lives.

These are their answers:






I like the silence

I like when things are clear to my mind and real to my heart.

At this moment I don’t mind if we will find a new word or new world. 







I like the silence.


I didn’t do anything, 

I am just here.

The gravity did the job. 

I love landing, 

I am back to my heart,

I am back home.

Heart meditation

When we put hearts into the dolls we do a short meditation, we feel our own breath and heartbeat.

Scientists are finding out the bridge between Buddhism and Psychology. Professor Wright at university of Princeton says ‘the alignment between the objective truth and the moral truth is itself a kind of unseen order at a very deep level’.

When I heard that, I felt a mixture of hope and joy.

Science is reaching something amazing and close to the multilayered realities that I am used to dealing with in my astrological practice.

It might take some time but I know we are all going to be happier in the future. We will know as much as we will love.





rescued heartsAll the hearts are kept in a special pot before we insert them into each doll. The pot contained Dr Bach’s five flower cream ‘rescue remedy’. It has a symbolic intention to heal the hearts. When they are placed inside the dolls they are rescued loving hearts.

She is dancing

She wants to dance her thoughts in the lake.

She wants to be washed by clean ideas.

She remembers when she was alive running in the fields.

She loved being alive.

She was a kind woman.

She dances and run with her thoughts.

She dances because she wants to be happy again.

She is holding her dress because she is running.



Right leg listens

left arm speaks

head sigh

right arm rests

left leg in the air

trunk moves through her heart

feet look to the lake of her emotions.