Donation of 12 pillows!

Wow, we received a donation of 12 pillows!

I washed all pillowcases. I can sew around 100 dolls with them. I always put the dreams to breath under the sun.

There are different kinds of dreams. Some of them look like popcorn – they suddenly come up like an insight.

This lovely lady Angela is the generous soul who gave us these pillows and lovely Jessica put them away at Jacksons Lane.

We now have enough dreams for the next months, thank you!

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Soft Dreams

Jennifer gave me five pillows with loads of dreams.

I put all the dreams in the sun and made 24 dolls with the pillow cases.

We are flying this Saturday to make dolls in Lisbon.

The dreams are very soft, a pleasure to work with, thank you very much Jen!

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Two kind of dreams

The long continuous stories and the small quick images that pop up apparently not related with each other, I love them both!