Once upon a time …

Once upon a time there was a wonderful blue planet turning around the sun. 

It took around thousands years for one of the species that lived on this beautiful planet, called humans, to learn how to love and respect themselves as much as everything else that surrounded them. 

They learned it and they lived happily ever after. 



I feel that consciousness is what does not die when we die. 

If we think about the unconscious and the conscious, consciousness is like the bridge from dark to light. 

When we have an insight into something, understand something, it was consciousness that helped us, but we might feel like it’s a thought. 

When we die our thought dies with us but consciousness does not. 

I feel we become the bridge. 

Awareness and attention

When we make dolls and meditation, we observe our natural abilities of ‘attention’ and ‘awareness’.

We are aware of the coexistence of these two kinds of consciousness and we experience both of them simultaneously.

We focus on an specific activity make dolls. At the same time we notice a multitude of thoughts, sensations and emotions inside and outside us.

We notice how broad is our consciousness.

Art Installation Improv Performance

Our work in progress exhibition is always an


1. The story develops through different group of makers every evening.

2. Each group is a different act.

3. Each act is improvised as we never know how each group will play.

4. The last act is the last evening when the gap is completed.

5. Happy end. Black out.


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A child and an old woman

The gender thing for me personally, I am a woman, I always felt like a woman most of the time, it is simple.

What was not simple for me was to be an adult and identify myself as an adult. It never happened.

I spent the longest part of my life feeling weird. I found ways to survive during adulthood, I became a child therapist, I worked in the arts … it helped, but still weird.

I was happy as a child, a difficult childhood in some aspects, but I identified as a child, it was real and simple.

Now I am an old woman and I identify myself as an old woman, it became real and simple again.

I guess I am fortunate because I started and I will end my life feeling I am what I am meant to be – a child and an old woman, that’s all I am, it is simple and it is good.

That long middle part of my life…well, it has finished.

Slowing down


A relaxing decaf tea bath… they love the new warm and cosy spa moment, they feel like being in their mum’s womb.



Slowing down… yes we need it.

An angel hand

Dancing my thoughts.

I guess I am starting my solo.

I felt it was another hand.

An angel hand on my head.

I guess it is a healing dance promise.

When I dance there is peace.

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