101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space, Newbury, UK

On 8th November we went to Newbury at 101 Outdoor Arts. The space is amazing, it’s huge! Also huge gorgeous animals around us, I loved them! 

The makers were Libby, Mel, Rose, Catherine, Katie, Ailin, Hannah, Lorna, Amy, Olivia, Simon and a couple of people I didn’t get the names. We made 14 dolls, some I’ll finish myself. 

Some makers took their dolls to other sessions, some finished them at the closing big circle and we meditated together after it. 

I forgot to ask most people to write their comments, here are few of them:   

‘Both therapeutic and relaxing with a beautiful concept at its heart.’ 

‘A beautiful exchange of words and thoughts. Thank you.’

‘Really lovely and touching, I felt very connected doing this in a group, provoking conversations you wouldn’t normally have.’ 

Thanks Nick, Sarah and Olivia for holding the space for us and thank you so much all the makers who joined us in this wonderful space.

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  1. Hello – what a great write up about the D&D at 101 last year – we are just preparing for another one this year, would it be possible to use a couple of your fab photos?

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