Higienópolis, São Paulo, Brazil

Last month, on 15th April, I run a workshop in São Paulo, Brazil. Leonor, Claudia, Solange, Renata, Raquel, Eri, Glaucia, Claudia and Nina came over, we made and meditated 17 dolls.

We talked a lot about Brazil’s politics. There was sadness in the air, I bursted in tears, it was hard to talk about the country’s obscene situation. Nevertheless we were lucky that Claudia reminded us that there are forgotten azaleas everywhere.

Solange and Marilene donated their pillows- dreams, Claudia’s niece made a delicious carrot chocolate cake.

With flowers, dreams and carrot cakes, there’s hope.

Some comments:

‘It was my second time at the event, it is always a life learning process, work together to open space for the heart.’

‘It was a pleasant and interesting meeting, to share our good energies and dreams, congratulations!’

‘It was a very good relaxing experience, I loved it!’

‘In the times we live now, to share dreams are micro revolutions to move forward. This is a necessary project and I hope Regina continue to develop these invigorating meetings.’

I am very grateful for everybody who came and spent the afternoon making dolls and meditating, for Claudia and Vera who organised the event, for Marilene who offered her space, for Marinalva who helped me to sew many dolls, for people who bought ‘Dreams and a Heart’ little book to help the project keep going and for the pillows and cake generously donated, thank you so much everyone!

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