A child and an old woman

The gender thing for me personally, I am a woman, I always felt like a woman most of the time, it is simple.

What was not simple for me was to be an adult and identify myself as an adult. It never happened.

I spent the longest part of my life feeling weird. I found ways to survive during adulthood, I became a child therapist, I worked in the arts … it helped, but still weird.

I was happy as a child, a difficult childhood in some aspects, but I identified as a child, it was real and simple.

Now I am an old woman and I identify myself as an old woman, it became real and simple again.

I guess I am fortunate because I started and I will end my life feeling I am what I am meant to be – a child and an old woman, that’s all I am, it is simple and it is good.

That long middle part of my life…well, it has finished.