Alexandra Palace, London UK

We were at The Great Fête Summer Festival at Ally Pally yesterday. We received less people than last year. Why? I guess it was because the bunting Dreams and a Heart was hidden between trees behind us and nobody could see it. People probably thought we were another group making picnic as most of people around. 

We changed the bunting and put them right in front of our spot. Few minutes later a family came to join us. Last year we were at the same spot but the bunting was more visible in between a tree and a beautiful totem pole that is not there anymore.

The makers Gabi, Sheila, Joe, Fiona, Kibi, Branwen, Leo and Sebastian made 9 dolls. Fiona brought her pillow full of dreams, thank you Fiona!  

‘This is a truly amazing project, a beautiful initiative. I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.’

‘What a touching and wonderful project. I really enjoyed meeting Regina and hearing about her project. Can’t wait to see it in exhibition!’

‘I felt great because I felt free and excited about this project. I loved it and I hope you can keep on with your work.’ 

‘I think this was good, it was a nice thing to do.’

‘I absolutely love the Dreams and a Heart project. I think it has such a special message showing that although we are all different we all have dreams + a heart and are all connected in that way. It is such a positive idea that I believe it will go worldwide.’ 

Thank so much Marine for inviting us again for the festival, a huge thank you to Gabi who came to help me, and a special thank you for all the makers. It was a pleasant calm session in a wonderful environment, thank you everyone! 

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