APAS, Aurum Solar, Lisbon, Portugal

Last Wednesday morning I run a workshop at APAS, Pedagogical Association Aurum Solar, in Lisbon Portugal.

The group was Santiago, David, Gaia, João, Bernardo, Sara, João, Gabriel, Diogo, Ania, Simão, Antonio, Vicente, Samuel, Mariana, Anabela, Maria, Monica and Pedro.

The children were from 4 to 16. We made 18 dolls – we filled them with dreams and hearts and we meditated together.

I was amazed they spent quite a long time meditating, even the small kids were quiet for a long period of time just observing the older friends and adults meditating. Well, they are used to meditate everyday at the school!

I asked for each one to say a word about their experience:

‘Paixao, amizade, vida, vontade, união, compaixão, paciencia, amor, trabalho, ajuda, jogar bola, nascimento, felicidade, giro, saudades, tranquilidade, apoio, obrigada.’

‘Passion, friendship, life, will, union, compassion, patience, love, work, help, play ball, birth, happiness, cool, longing, tranquility, support, thanks.’

and an adult comment:

‘It was a simple, silent experience of attention and lots of symbolism. I feel there are no words to describe what was happening. I guess we give life to something indefinable – to me? to a puppet? to a part of the cosmos? It was unexpected everything we experienced this morning.’

Thank you Anabela and Maria who opened the school to receive the project, thank you!



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