Camden Fun Palace at New Diorama Theatre, London, UK

On Saturday 7th October I run a workshop at Camden Fun Palace based on New Diorama Theatre in London.

Julia, Jeanette, Aimee, Sujatha, Claire, Ellice, Billy, Lidia, Andrea, Grace, Miriam, Tim, Sophie, David, Jean, Alice, Sarah and children Nicola, Eve, Charlotte and two more came to the workshop. We made 21 dolls together, each doll was added on the string to play with their friends. Some of the dolls were finished and meditated, some of them I finished and meditated at home.

I was busy with people all the time, some of them started their dolls, then they run to another activity and then they came back to continue the work. There were so many interesting things going on! I was touched every time they came back, they really cared about their dolls.

I forgot to ask the dolls makers to write down their comments, I only asked for the two people who came first:

‘Making a doll with dreams + heart is an unique experience, very relaxing, a moment to myself to think about people and places dear to me’

‘It was a nice experience. I felt I was transferring my heartbeat to the doll I made’

We were in a huge room surrounded by all sorts of Art and Science activities, it was like a big colourful market, a lot of people of all ages came over and joined the activities from 11am to 4:30pm.

We were so happy to be part of this amazing event. First time Dreams and a Heart joined Fun Palaces, I definitely would love to come back next year.

With many thanks for Fun Palaces and New Diorama Theatre people who made everything happen, for all people who made dolls and for lovely Sarah who helped me to set up and run the event all day long, thank you all!







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