Gmeistube Community Centre, Marzell, Schwarzwald, Germany 

We met this September at Gmeistube, a community centre located in the middle of magical Black Forest in the village of Marzell. 

We had two sessions. Erika, Edith, Helga, Rosmarie, Evaristo, Ulrike, Thomas, David, Katrin, Charlotte, Jan and Marit joined us to make dolls. 

Rosmarie and Erika donated pieces of fabric and Erika also brought dreams with which we worked in our second session. 

They spoke in German during the sessions, I didn’t understand a thing, but I can assure we were having a good time making dolls and meditating together. A couple brought their children who helped to make dolls, one of them slept while making them, it was such a relaxing atmosphere. 

25 dolls were born in the Black Forest, 19 of them we made together in our sessions at Gmeistube. 

‘It’s a very original ideia. I hope the dolls will be a source of sweet dreams.’ 

‘The process of sewing, then filling the doll with pure life and love, there’s   a magic in it. I can’t explain.’ 

‘You don’t only feel the heart in your wrist but also in the finger that touches the doll’s heart as if the doll is receiving a heartbeat through you. It really comes to life.’ 

‘It is every time a pleasure to make a doll. Not the first doll I made and it won’t be the last. I like the project very much and I hope it will become a success.’ 

‘Inner peace.’ 

‘It’s amazing how calm and concentrated one gets to create your own doll. It’s a wonderful project.’ 

‘Creating such a pure being without reading glasses, I even threaded the needle… Wishing the figure a good future.’ 

‘ A wonderful thought that connects. There’s something reassuring about stuffing the doll.’ 

‘Totally new experience. It’s nice that despite the English language we could understand pretty much everything. Beautiful we could be part of this dream and contributed to the community and perhaps for peace.’ 

‘The sewing of the doll followed by meditation, filling the doll with dreams.  A magic moment when our dolls stand and support each other.’ 

I am extremely grateful to Marit and Evaristo who invited the project to come to Gmeistube. I am also very grateful to all the team at Gmeistube who received me with open arms, Rosmarie and Erika who contributed with donations, Evaristo who translated my speech and all generous people who joined our sessions. Thank you all so much for this beautiful experience. Thank You!