Hitt Húsid, Reykjavík, Iceland

Hitt Húsid is a youth centre in Reykjavík where I had the privilege to run workshops last week.

We spent a morning with Valgeír, Ian, Harpa, Haraldur, Gunnar, Geir, Hjalti, Patrik, Inga, Anita, Nôi, Rosana, Audur, Tobba, Alexander, Atli and Una, a group that included disabled young people, we made 16 dolls, 4 of them I finished myself. We meditated all together at the end of the session.

I liked a lot to listen everybody speaking Icelandic while we made the dolls, the energy of this magical country is in each doll they made. We had fun talking about Reykjavík summer, father Christmas got confused and arrived beginning of July!

In the afternoon we made dolls with Hreidar, Eva, Svavar, Vigdís and Tómas, they are the staff, we completed 21 dolls in total at Hitt Húsid. We talked about lots of things including ways to bring the dolls again to Iceland. 

There were lots of Icelandic flags around because this was the first year Iceland got a place at the World Cup football games, such a small group of people compared to other countries, a big achievement they had lots of fun with.

Much gratitude to Gauti who brought me here and gave us this amazing opportunity, also to Thordis and Fridrik, Hreidar and Hitt Húsid, all of them opened their doors and hearts to receive us, and thank you mysterious Ísland to bring me back sensations of my childhood, it made me cry of happiness several times, bless you.  




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