Tête à Tête The Opera Festival, London UK

We spent this weekend at Tête à Tête and D&D event ‘How can we change Opera for the better’ at King’s Cross Academy Primary School in London.

Robert, Ian and Sarah came to my session, we made 12 and a half dolls in total, thank you very much!

‘Making the doll with Regina was a calm and individual activity. I enjoyed the feeling of the material and contact with her calm spirit, besos’

I brought different kind of dreams – the long continuous stories and the small quick images that pop up apparently not related with each other. It was nice as people had the option to choose their favourite kind of dream to work with.

I stayed on my own most of the time on Sunday and had the idea to ask everybody this question ‘How would you write down the sound of your heartbeat?’ People answered with some words, some drawings, poetry codes, music notes, scenes… beautiful answers from people who have sounds at the heart of their lives.

I am very grateful to the weather which allowed us to stay outdoors, it was perfect!

and thank you Bill to let us celebrate together 10 years of Tête à Tête The Opera Festival and thank you Sarah and Phelim for holding the space for us, a relaxed and amorous atmosphere throughout the weekend, thank you!