Ler Davagar, LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal

Last Wednesday I run another workshop at Ler Devagar bookshop at LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal.

Filip, Beata, Adam, Wanda, Gauti, Svava, Borghildur, Francesca, Rosi and Winnie, from Poland, Iceland, Brazil and US, came along.

I showed them slides, a short film about the project and a picture book inspired by it.

We made 5 dolls together.

I was impressed by the two young families, both of them with three year old kids and breastfeeding an year and a half and six month babies. They stayed with us for a long time, around three hours, and they managed to make dolls, to engage in the conversation and to meditate. I was impressed by how easily and naturally they shared and swapped places to take care of their children. The room was big and the kids had the chance to explore and run around. The two older kids became friends and played together with the dolls we had already made. There was no crying, no problems, nobody crossed with anybody, on the contrary, we were with four calm good mood parents helping each other with relaxed small children, something rare to see around. It was a bliss to have them with us. I forgot to ask them to write down their comments about the experience, but I am sure they would manage to do it.

When I explained Winnie what we were doing she decided to stay with us just to mediate while we were making the dolls. She stayed for quite a while with her eyes closed in silence. She gave me a big hug before she left the room, she was  happy for the opportunity to be with us and do exactly what she needed to do.

I had a day surrounded by children, I went to a school in the morning to make dolls. I started my work life working with children, I was reminded how much I love to be with them, how much I identify with them, I guess I need to be with my friends much more than I usually am.

‘I felt grateful to be able to share this art, your dream, Regina. I had an experience of hold hands around the earth as I was carried by the meditation into a stream, a link of enlightened figures circling the earth. I am sure that this is the result you are achieving, it is so beautiful! Congratulations and may the universe cover you with love and happiness’

‘We absolutely loved the workshop. It was so nice to come out from the busy streets of Lisboa and the rain and all of a sudden we were in such a tranquil environment were we could meditate and let our 3 year old daughter run around freely. We loved making the dolls and learning about their purpose and what they mean to you and how this idea was conceived’ (the dad managed to send me an email with his comment). 

I can’t find words to express how much I love this project and all the people who help me to make it possible.

Thank you!
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