Little Angel Theatre, London UK

On 27 October 2015 evening I went to the D&D event ‘Puppetry – Shackled by the Past?’ at the Little Angel Theatre in London.

Jemima, Amy, Seb, Sarah, Freddie, Harriet, Karol, Elaine, Zoe came to the session, we put dreams and hearts into the dolls and we did a short meditation connecting with our own pulse. Some dolls are finished and some I’ll finish myself sewing the legs.

Some people wanted to make dolls but unfortunately we run out of them. I brought eight as we would be working for just three hours, but I should’ve brought double!

It was good to be in a room full of puppeteers. Jemima offered to help me with some more dolls in the future, yes!

We stayed in the spot called ‘fairies’, it felt like a little tent inside the room, very cozy.

Some comments:

‘Using my hands helped lubricate my ideas and thoughts’

‘It was nice to come here and relax after intense conversations’

Thank you everyone for such lovely evening.