Mäster Olofsgården, Stockholm, Sweden 

It was a fantastic experience to make dolls  at Mäster Olofsgården community centre in Stockholm old city. It is a pleasant calm space with lots of activities that welcomes everyone with an opened heart. 

The makers were Elizabeth and Carola. We shared our lives experiences and lots of laughs. Elizabeth was born in the old city and invited me to a tour throughout the areas and stories of her childhood. Could I find a better guide?

Another day we made dolls with Adin who received me in her flat, we made two dolls. We also shared our experiences and were amazed by the similarities of them. 

We made 14 dolls in total.

‘Now I have made a doll that will be one in 8 billion. Hope it goes to someone who will be happy. ’ 

‘These are dolls for the world’s children to look after each other.’

‘This project is super cool.’ 

‘Cozy, peaceful session with good talks about love, life and dreams.’ 

I felt so blessed to know MO and their people and to meet Adin. I can’t wait to return.

Thank you very much for these lovely days together. Hope to see you all soon.