New Diorama Theatre, London UK

Yesterday we went to the D&D event ‘How do we engage artists & Autism Spectrum Disorder in the room?’  in a gorgeous space of New Diorama Theatre, London.

When Lee introduced the event he talked about the giraffe. For some reason nobody talks about it for ages, there isn’t even a picture of it! Lee likes the giraffe, so do I. I am happy he reminds us about this beautiful animal and behaviour.

Jenny and Hannah came to my session, we made 4 dolls. We shared an unexpected emotional moment about Shakespeare, luckily we were prepared to be surprised!

This is the very first D&D event my daughter Gabi attended. She is doing an internship at the National Autism Society. She said the event was very insightful for her. So happy to have her at the event I love so much.

We ended up everybody in one only conversation group. Lee said that in 13 years it was the first time it happened.

I felt everybody were genuinely grateful with lots of hope in our closing circle.

Thank you Hannah and Jenny for our special moment together and thank you D&D for making essential conversations happen again.




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