New Malden Arts festival, London UK

Last Saturday 19 September 2015 we spent a lovely sunny afternoon outdoors at the New Malden Arts Festival making dolls.

People turned up from different backgrounds as India, North Corea, Jamaica, Japan, England, China, US… they were mainly fathers and mothers with their children.

Randeep ( light in darkness :)), Guk Hwa, Lucy, Suzanne, Li, Nathan, Henry, Charlie, Danielle, Simone, Jean, Laura and the children Irableen( emerging in God :)), Soo Jung, Leila, Corinne, Bella, Inesh, Hamza, Tashane, Jadah, Helena and Estelle.

Li brought five pillows full of hers and Nathan’s dreams, thanks so much Li!

We made 15 dolls, many are finished and few of them I’ll finish myself. Most of us meditate with our hearts including the children. We stayed together for 4 hours, until 6pm, one more hour than planned. I was invited to come again in the next event. I will.





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