Our ancestry

In the last workshop someone, a wise one, said ‘we need to put the heart into the right place’. This is so inspiring!

I am thinking a lot about my Italian grandmother.

She was the person I loved the most in my childhood.

She was a seamstress and she sewed mainly wedding dresses.

I feel this project is deeply related with her.

She was a seamstress and this is the first time I am sewing in my life.

The courage I have now that makes me keep going, is it also coming from her love, from our moments of love in my childhood?

I am celebrating my ancestry through the dolls and every time I sew them I am celebrating the ancestry of all people.

I have noticed that when many people put hearts into their dolls and when they meditate connected with their own hearts they do it in remembrance of their ancestry.

We are all here together. Somehow somewhere there is love.