Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

Yesterday nine amazing artists were gathered at Royal Academy of Arts at InPractice event to share their life experiences of mental and physical illnesses, including serious conditions. In this sad scenario some of them were absolutely hilarious when sharing their art work, we had lots of fun!! 

We made dolls with Suzanne, Charlie and Chantelle during the break and continue till the end of the event. Katie joined us at the end so we moved to another room where we finished the process. We left RA at 10pm when it closed. We made five dolls. 

One of the makers had an intense experience tonight.

‘I feel I should have been told what would happen to the doll I made before I made it.  When it was taken from me it was like I was being taken away from me. It did not feel good. Had I known it was to help others I would be mentally prepared + been able to pour different personal feelings into the dolls for others. It left me feeling anxious. Though the actual process is powerful and loving one.’ 

In these five years this was the first time this happened. It is a deep experience but usually people deal more easily with letting the doll go away. For now on I will make sure that people are aware that I’ll keep the dolls they are making. I promised her I would take great care of her doll and would give it back to her in the future if she still feels anxious. 

Another maker wrote this metaphor, it actually applies to me as well. 

‘I almost lost my heart in the dreams.’

Thank you so much Moly to organise this incredible event, it is an amazing opportunity to learn and be inspired by other artists. I love being at RA.


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