Royal Academy of Arts, London UK

Last Friday we were back to RA InPractice. 

Lawrence, Tina and someone I forgot the name, they joined me, we made four dolls while listening to the artists’ presentation. We started at the break and continued till the end of the event. 

One of the artists told me he loves this event, he feels it so uplifting, it make him realise that we are also great artists not only the ones over there –  he pointed the Royal Academy main collection.

‘My doll has a lot of love to give…’

‘My doll and I loved connecting together with the meditation, look into his eye, maybe you can share a moment.’

Molly told me ‘do you know when you don’t know you were missing something?’ Then she told me that it’s great to have Dreams and a Heart in the room.

Ohhh Molly, she is such special opened heart woman, thank you so much Molly for giving us this opportunity and for your generous words, you are amazing, thank you! 

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