Bonecos Sonhos Coração Sao Paulo, Brazil

My dearest friends Claudia and Vera took the initiative to create the event Bonecos Sonhos Coração in São Paulo Brazil last Sunday 16 March 2014.

Leky, Chris, Carlos, Roney, Claudemira, Otacilio, Dedé, Rosangela, Jairo, Cris, Marina, Angelica, Danieli, Livia, Talita, Maria Cecilia, Marinalva, Claudia, Vera, Neca, Rica, Flavia, the children Gabi, Luana, Laura and Bruno came to sew the dolls and we had a very special afternoon together.

Everybody drew, cut and sewed the dolls. We stuffed them with dreams and we put hearts into them making the meditation ritual to connected with our own hearts. We sewed 39 dolls, 23 of them are finished.

When we finished our workshop we celebrated Sunday full moon gathering our dolls in a circle.

Some comments

‘I feel that you managed to invent a way to make everyone stop and do something for others in a simple and soulful way. It is the practice of generosity. It is pure Art and action. It is engendering something the world really needs. We make a doll which has dreams and a heart, we send love and hope to everyone in the world, it is well-targeted magic’

‘It is meditative, a delicate thing to do in the middle of a trampled life. What unsuspected delicacy we discover in us and in others! The silent moment of putting dreams inside the dolls and connecting our heart with the heart that will inhabit that doll. That afternoon resonated with me for a long time. It still does, thank you. It was a lovely moment, in the middle of the city, this microcosm of craziness so lacking in the energy which was in that room’ 

‘This is a courageous and lovely project Regina! This project is symbolic of the urgent need to expand our awareness that we are all connected by a network of light and shade, for which we are all responsible. I hope that our dreams circulate, nurture and cultivate human solidarity, with faith and love for all of us. Simple as that!’

After this afternoon I must add into my list of things we need to do to be alive, from 28/02 post,

8. Friends

I am immensely grateful to everyone.

Thank you!

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