Shoreditch Town Hall, London, UK

We spent yesterday at the D&D event ‘What can role-play gaming and theatre learn from each other?’ at Shoreditch Town Hall in London.  

In the morning we played the Dungeon & Dragons game, it was my first time ever. I joined Chris table, he was the Dungeon Master, a kind of facilitator of the game. We played a couple of hours creating a story together. I could see all the scenes, actions and characters, Chris made us visualise perfectly well everything, he was a brilliant DM. 

My character was an Elf Wizard. She lives over 700 years, she can make people sleep, she meditate deeply and live in the world but not entirely part of it. Isn’t it an amazing coincidence with the dolls’ project?

In the afternoon we did the other D&D, the Open Space one, and I called my session :

‘Help me to put dreams and a heart into my dolls. I might be travelling around other sessions, you can help me anyway.’ 

I was amazed by the game and wanted to join all the conversations. I did one doll in each session I went. Justin helped me make one doll which he half filled with dreams, put a heart and meditated, I completed it at home. We made 5 dolls in total. 

We spent an amazing day together, such an adventure, some people like me had never played D&D before, we loved it. Thank you Chris and Chloe and all the others who shared their long experience with the game, hopefully I’ll see you soon and play it more. Thanks Justin for helping me making dolls and Alex and Ben for holding the space for us, thank you!  



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