Southbank Centre, London UK

Dreams are like gravity – let’s sleep and dream.

I went on 27 February 2014 to another great D&D event-What are we really going to do about Race and Diversity in UK Theatre? with the dolls.

Six people came to help me put hearts into them and we made 7 dolls in total.

We had one to one experience most of the time.

Some comments:

‘I lost my heart…’

‘Thank you, a lovely break from intense discussions’

‘This is lovely, such a moment of rest, relaxation, focus and happiness’

The session inspired me to write down a list of things we need to do to be alive. I’ll write in a particular order where the first thing is the most important and so on

1. Breath

2. Sleep-Dream

3. Wake up

4. Walk

5. Drink

6. Eat

7. Enjoy

We don’t need to remember our dreams, eventually it might be useful but it is not necessary. We will dream anyway. It is like the gravity, we do not struggle to be here, we just are. When we dream and we wake up we know where to go and how to feed ourselves at any level. We enjoy and our heart is happy. This is the moment to change what need to be changed, so let’s sleep.