Tarling Road Community Centre, London UK

Yesterday we were so happy to be back to Grange Big Local Fun Palace! This year it took place in the beautiful new Tarling Road Community Centre in East Finchley. 

We stayed in a spot surrounded by children activities and many parents came to us to rest a bit while their kids were entertained doing other stuff. 

Anna, Sasha, John, Aiden, Victoria, Hanan, Alma, Matty, Einat, Gabi, Ameila, Alice, Nick and Courtney came to make dolls. We made 10 dolls. There were a couple of team work when parent and child made the same doll together. A beautiful moment happened when a dad and his two kids meditated together while embraced to each other. 

‘It takes approx 30 minutes to fill the doll with dreams + a heart. It would take 73 days non stop (24 hours per day) to fill 3500 dolls.’ 

‘My family lives in Israel. My mum’s mum made me one of these puppets with sticks, playdough, different colours and pen.’ 

‘I had a lovely time making a doll as part of the Dreams and a Heart project run by a lovely lady named Regina. I look forward to seeing the project when it is launched. Lovely kind idea.’

Thank you so much Julia for the invitation and for all the hard work to organize the event, thank you for all the team who helped Julia to make sure everything was running smoothly, and thank you so much for all makers. 

It was first time I was served food while running a workshop. A tray full of different types of sandwiches, we could chose as many as we wanted, and they offered many times during the afternoon. Delicious! 

It is brilliant how Fun Palaces weekend has spread all over UK and abroad. Wonderful Stella, Fun Palaces’ mum, says that it is a weekend of action, it is the community at the heart of culture, it is local people sharing skills and creating tiny revolutions. 

We are honoured to participate for the third time in Fun Palace and can’t wait for the coming one next year. 

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