The Place, London UK

This week we had fantastic three days at Tête à Tête The Opera Festival at The Place in London. 

Eliana, Ethan, Riley, Courtney, Alexa, Denise, Tracy-Gein, Katarine, Sasha, Bill, Anna, David, Louise, Rebecca, Aron, Karen, Neyire, Matthew, Arthur, Jenny, Sarah, Sarah, Hannah and Jared were our makers. 

We made 25 dolls, five of them I finished at home. 

Bill meditated with his doll in two different evenings- a double meditation that has never happened before! He wondered if doing so he would give Gerald, his doll, super powers. Gerard was born with a swollen left leg at the bottom but after few hours it was totally fine. I am convinced that double meditation works, Gerald has already revealed he has a super power to heal quickly.

There were three different shows every evening and most makers wanted to watch all of them so they came back in between shows to keep working on their dolls. I hid makers’ names inside their dolls just to be sure whose they were. However it was very easy for them to identify their dolls despite they are all very similar. It always happens like this, makers always recognise them. 

A huge thank you for Bill, Anna and all team who took care of us, and for all makers, we were happy together during three days, it was wonderful, Thank You!

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