The Royal Academy of Arts, London, UK

I feel very emotional after ’In Practice’ at Royal Academy of Arts last Friday in London.

We were at the same room Darwin launched The origin of Species in 1858, omg, in that small room!!!

Molly, who organised the event, introduced the dolls for everybody right at the beginning. She explained I would be making dolls throughout the event and anyone could join me.

She said ‘Regina woke up beginning of 2011 with the whole idea of making one doll for each one of us on earth and since 2013 she has been making them regularly herself and with others. She feels each doll filled with dreams, a heart and completed with a meditation, makes someone somewhere feels good and happier, it gives people courage to live their best selves’

Yes, I wrote to her these lines but it had a profound effect on me when I listened her saying it for everybody.

I am relieved to present the project exactly what it is – one doll for each one of us on earth. That is it. It was always it. Five communities of 700 is just the first chapter of the project.

Three people joined me to make dolls – Jeanette, Kirsty and Rachel – and we, including Sarah, made 8 dolls. They all loved their experience. At the end of the event they gave me big hugs, I was literally lifted up by one of the hugs, they were so happy to help the project!

We were making dolls inspired by the experience of artists facing barriers accessing the art world.

I was reminded, by two artists, moments I had with my daughter’s dad ages ago. Keith and Bridget work together in the same canvas. ‘We’ve been there‘ is the name of their work and it reminded me when I painted on the same canvas, exactly like they do, with him. I am grateful that their work reminded me these forgotten moments. I can say ‘I’ve been there’ and it was good.

I was deeply moved during the evening in many different ways, I still am.

It was a special evening for DH project, for me personally and for all the artists, an absolutely amazing evening.

Thank you so much Sarah and Molly, these two incredible women I am blessed to know, thank you!





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